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Good morning

Bob sorry to hear that you are feeling yukky maybe this will make you smile. My husband & I (very royal, ha, ha) where talking the night away last night & listening to music. I'll add at this juncture that I am trying to lose weight, depressing I know, so have cut out beloved wine & fab. food, even more depressing. Anyway I said I felt like Saturn, the plant, and the rings were fully of good and bad stuff floating around, positive versus negative like tears, smiles, laughter, depression etc. Anyway we expanded on this theory and came up that we are all (on this site & others in our position) super-sensitive and at times we are able to deflect the oncoming bad but other times it enters us like an alien we then get our power back and throw the negatives back into the rings, a bit like superman and the green stuff. These onslaughts, although draining at the time, make us stronger so much so we become sensitive to our observations to protect ourselves. I know you now know I am mad!!!! ;)

Anyway time passed and it was 4am that we went to bed, he changed the clocks then and 5am appeared, jez too old for these late nights, needless to say this morning I loved my bed even more than usual and really couldn't open my eyes. All this and not a drop of wine, imagination eh! Keep the force xxx Dens

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It sounds like you have a lovely hubby Dens and I envy you this. I would love to have such a talk as the heavens fascinate me. Bev x


Bev I tell you, like in rural parts of Scotland, the heavens are beautiful here. The sky feels closer though as we are much further south, and that you can touch the moon and stars as we don't have much unnatural lighting. We often sit outside just looking at the sky or out to sea and seeing the big cruisers glide in or the little fishing boats bobbing out to sea. I look up and see Orion and think of my Dad and the Moon, my Mum. I shed a tear, as now and talk to them. Enough!!!!!

I must tell you this: Many, many years ago we were staying in Bridge of Cally, I think, anyway near Ballater, and there was an avalanche at Glen Shee and the road the other side collapsed so we were trapped for several days. We walked outside on a carpet of the whitest diamonds that crunched under foot and looked at the blackest velvet sky with the most inviting twinkling diamonds ever, pure bliss. When we got back in the hotel the two staff there, also trapped but lived in, asked if we minded the locals coming into the bar. Strange question we thought, turns out the owners wouldn't allow the locals in. Anyway the the owners were snowed out, if you get my drift, so we said of course. Had a very memorable evening, chatting eventually singing everyone was delightful. Do you know when the army laid the temporary road for us to leave towards Perth, we got the bill and there was not one drink charged to us that night or any other when the locals joined us.

By the way he is the best and I am so very lucky. He says that we are lucky to have found each other, this is both of our second marriages - 36 years in June. You'll find your soul mate my love xxx Dens


Sounds lovely Dens and what an experience. I doubt I will find my soul mate now after looking all these years.

I remember being in a pub in the East End of London and in the middle of the evening all the lights went out. They opened the tills with crowbars and with candles on the bar we all sang songs and had a merry old time - the blitz spirit I thought at the time :) The lights were fixed after about an hour and it was back to normal :(

Bev xx


Ah! Memories are fab. ............ when we remember them ;)


Some things you always remember Dens. xx


That's very true but do you find the uncomfortable, hurtful ones are more dominate, I do maybe because they are more emotional. As you know I have lost my memory but something may spark a flicker and a little comes back. I look at photo's and don't even remember a single detail but I was there as I'm in the photo. Yesterday spoke to my son in Oz and he had me in fits about when he broke his arm and I said, "Did you break your arm?" see what I mean.

But then there are those of which we have spoken, wonderful in every detail.

How are you doing you seem happier! xxx Dens


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