What Is Your Importance, Worth & Usefulness?

What Is Your Importance, Worth & Usefulness?

To put it another way, what is your VALUE as a human being? What are your talents? Your skills? Your abilities in a particular area? The answer to this question is at the heart of your self-esteem, your confidence—your self-respect.


I am a satisfactory mother/father

I am a satisfactory sister/brother

I am a satisfactory friend

I am a satisfactory lover

I am a satisfactory neighbor

I am a satisfactory chef

I am a satisfactory photographer

I am a satisfactory gardener

I am a satisfactory graphic designer

I am a satisfactory tennis player

I am a satisfactory pool player

I am a satisfactory dancer

I am a satisfactory writer

I am a satisfactory moralist, particularly by my actions

I am a satisfactory housekeeper

I create satisfactory products and services (perhaps not outstanding, perfect or revolutionary)

If you're not the great person you fantasize about, you are not worthless. Labeling yourself as "worthless" is called all-or-nothing-thinking. This form of thinking is not grounded on reality. There are many degrees of talents, skills and abilities... And the brain can easily be refined and enhanced (treated) by facts, by information and by skills—through EXPERIENCE, through EDUCATION, and through a PRACTICAL UNDERSTANDING of a subject.

YOU HAVE SIGNIFICANCE and VALUE simply for being alive.

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Hello stress buster

Nice photograph, a little cheeky though???

Welcome to this wonderful site

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BOB, lol! Very cheeky! The reason I chose that photograph is because it strips away modern life. The work schedules, the credit cards, the car payments, the fancy clothes... etc. The tribespeople are alive, and they have value was my point. :)


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