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Joined Facebook after a few years away from it don't have many friends maybe a handful joined yesterday 4 people asked me straight away one started to chat my best man not married anymore it's just I can't stay on it I push everybody that's comes close I've tried other things like Twitter and tumblr and I end up leaving with my friends I had I pushed everyone one of away I like my own company I try to mix with people I can chat to anyone but if they want friendship I don't know I'm doing it

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Hi nice to meet you. I am not a supporter of fb and find it very trivial and often silly. If you are suffering from depression it might be easier for you to stay on sites like this one as we all understand how you are feeling and we are very hard to push away. We might even push you away first :) Only joking.

Do you want to tell us more about what's going on in your life? Have you seen a doctor? Are you on meds and/or counselling etc.? x



well i lost my father when i was 29 then my brother took his life back in 2006 that was depression i had counselling twice the secound time was before my wedding as i was finding it very hard to cope my marriage only lasted a year my moods were up and down all the time my ex wife kicked me out.

Long standing health problems with back and si joints the meds i take are Amitriptyline 30-40mg tramadol 50 x 2 per day not talked about anything to the gp about my moods as i'm finding it hard with being in pain 24/7 my feet and toes are now numb and tingling all the time also suffer from CTS which i'm having a op soon

I found Fb to be pointless people taking pictures of there food and selfies very childish and pointless



Welcome to our site.

I see you are being treated for joint and nerve pain and are taking Amatrytalene and Tramadol. The former been used for nerve pain only.

If you feel low it may be a good idea to discuss that with your GP to further treatment pathways, like NSIDs and further medication for your mood.

Try two other Healthunlocked sites Pain Concern and NRAS. for your joint pain.

Many of us use Tens machines or pens to reduce pain your GP should be able to help there.

You will find this site for support very good and the other two a good choice as well

All the best



Hi there I totally agree with Bev. Forget about Facebook and Twitter, they are no substitute for formi g real friendships and relationships with real people.

Facebook is a sham and probably very unsuitable for you in your state.



Why would someone want to see what they had for dinner ? Or what new car they have a picture of the family or being drunk

Found it really sad that people need to feel they have to share everything to be liked


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