Do I leave my job?

So i'm here AGAIN and all I keep asking myself is 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?'

Just recently everything has taken a toll on me and I just bare it any more - it's getting too much and I literally have no idea how to get out of this rut I am in. is there even a way out?

My doctor signed me off work for two weeks and I go back on Tuesday - I thought I'd be ready after taking a step back from everything and taking time to re-evaluate my life and my future. I guess I am no where near as ready as I thought I would be but I can't change my mind now. In all fairness I HATE my job and I think it's one of the reasons why I am back in this dark hole again. I was doing over 50 hours a week and Spending my days off sleeping, having no life (i'm 20) I barely saw my mum and dad ( Whom I live with ) I didn't even get time to myself and worse of all they never appreciated me and all my hard work I was putting in - I'm exhausted and the thought of going back is making me anxious. They also told everyone why I wasn't at work- EVERYONE knows. I haven't even told my closest friends how I'm feeling at the moment and I've only just told my mum,dad and my partner YET everyone who I don't actually know - Knows my business, they know something about me that I'm ashamed of and something I wanted to keep confidential. I want to tell them how I feel because quite frankly I'm fuming! I don't even want to return back to work. I'm 20 and I should be back in this position. I just want to be happy and enjoy my life and right now I couldn't be far from it. What do I do? Do I carry on being this unhappy or do I leave and have no job?

Confused.Confused.Confused. :(

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  • Hi Anna,

    It's a difficult one really.

    I suppose the question to ask is, how badly do you need the job? Obviously if you are staying with your parents then you won't have rent, tax and bills to pay. However, are you planning on moving out? Because you won't be able to if you don't have a job? Leaving this job to be unemployed means you aren't working towards securing a future for yourself.

    I can understand why you feel anxious. You are only 20 and are having a horrible time of it. You are being overworked (a full time job is 40 hours btw) and they way they have treated you is ridiculous. They shouldn't have told anyone about your business and your health. I'm pretty sure you have rights here as your health is confidential information. I'm sure Citizen's Advice, or similar, would be able to advise you on what you could do about this.

    Why don't you just look for another job just now? See what else is available? One may come up quickly because you sound like a very hard worker and that is what employers are looking for!! Perhaps this is the way to go, it'll get you out of this job and securely into a new one.

    Also, maybe you could ask to have your hours reduced? And this would give you more time to look for another position.

    And I wouldn't be surprised if this job is the cause of your depression because it is clearly stressing you and taking its toll.

    Walk into that place with your head held high on Tuesday. Everyone has the right to be signed off work if they need it. Don't be ashamed of your depression. At the end of the day, you are in a very tough situation and are not being treated well. This would take its toll on anyone.

    Much Love xx

  • Hi I am sorry you are in this position and it must be awful for you. I can't really add to WTC's great reply except to say if you do leave the job you might be sanctioned by the Jobcentre benefits wise but if you go to your doctor instead and get a sick note even just for a few weeks or a month then go on Jobseekers you should get benefit. Illness is an acceptable reason for leaving a job. Good luck with everything. x

  • Hi Annna

    You sound exhausted and stressed out, I do hope that your parents and partner are being supportive. You did not say what your job involves, if it is manual work and you are tired out then you have little hope of recuperating over a weekend.

    Depression is bought on by negative thinking, stress and fatigue all of which you have. The doctor needs to prescribe you something and you need support.

    I agree with one of your replies that you should reduce your hours and then look for another job.

    Sometimes life is difficult and circumstances beyond our control invade our lives. You are 20 and the world should be your oyster. Rest up and think positive, you are going through a bad patch but you WILL get over this.

    Be strong, brave and positive, you can get better.

    Love Helen xxxxxx

  • Hi,

    I am sorry you are still feeling depressed, but it is definitely NOT too late not to go back. I would e-mail work and say you thought you would be feeling well enough to go back but that you are not, then try to see your GP Tuesday. Phone as soon as surgery opens and say you need to see one of the GPs, if they can't offer you an appointment before mid-week then go to the surgery and say you need to speak to one of the GPs at the end of surgery, they should let you. Then tell the GP how you are feeling, ask to be signed off for another fortnight during which time you might look for another job, you should get some idea whether it is realistic to leave your current job. It will also give you time to think whether you might prefer to go to college, etc and train for something you enjoy more. It will give you space. Then you can use this website to explore your feelings and ideas, think of it as time out for you to rethink your life with help from all of us. I would explain also to your parents what you are doing and why you are doing it, then will care about you I am sure and not want to see you so very unhappy.


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