Me at work

Me at work

I have been rummaging through old, very old photos, yes we did have colour in my day and also some old school friends have sent over a few soooooo I though that you might like to see me dancing. By the way the feet aren't mine just to show you what we put ourselves through. Hope you enjoy and realise why I'm a physical wreck now, ha, ha xxxx Dens got to do them individually.

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  • Oh my goodness what a shame to put your feet through this; as I said on my other reply I hadn't realised that it was not good for you to do these things ; thought people like dancers or sportspeople would just be extra fit as they got older. How do you feel about it all now? Do you ever regret doing it?

  • Never, it was my life. I started at 3yrs in a local ballet school, then was the youngest to be accepted by the Royal Ballet for training at 7&1/2years.

    My muscle tone is brilliant except it has a year round coating of blubber called fat, bummer.

    During training and performances one visits the osteo, physio, craniologist, massage etc almost on a daily bases. You get used to being pulled about and although it hurts I think of it as good pain, as something is achieved after- relief. That's why I will automatically suggest one of these services before the Dr. as if something is our of alignment it has knock on effect and ultimately the Dr. could be looking in the wrong place.

    Thank you ALL for your interest xxxx Dens

  • Ah that's good; I'm glad to hear you don't regret it. I always loved dancing though i never progressed. I had begged my mum either to start ballet classes or have a mouse as a pet! In the end she agreed to the ballet classes, but unfortunately though i do believe I was good in my first exam the pianist started playing before I came into the room and my dance was out of rhythmn and I ended up failing my exam! I remember being so devastated by this and after this time, though I did continue for a while I gave up I think maybe due to lack of confidence. Hard to remember now. It's funny and strange when we look back at our childhoods isn't it? These things happen and we sort of half remember them. One thing I would say now in retrospect is to stick at everything you can when you are younger because it is then that you have the chance and the opportunity to learn.

    I still love dancing and I have just remarkably been doing some bollywood dancing. I say remarkably because I do have back/neck/ leg pain normally; its going through a good phase and my current AD's seem to be helping a lot. I'm not in any way an expert; it's just a community thing but I've really enjoyed it.

  • That's wonderful, I am often asked how can I dance (well the moronic disc type) but I cannot walk, the difference it that dancing I control my movements and change step or direction when I feel a twinge however walking is to get from A-B usually in a straight line which for me throws out my posture. Even dancing in my head is up lifting, continue as long as you can xxxx Dens