Sitting around watching Hazel and Pax working in the garden last week I was feeling so low I was playing on the computer looking at World Cruises trying to take my mind of what was coming this week. I do not know what everyone does to take their mind off our conditions mine I look at Travel Expeditions.

I do not know if anyone on these sites know about the cruise ship World, where people can purchase a suite of one or two bedrooms or more. The cost of this is more than most normal people can afford although when purchased and decorated you can tour the World none stop for the rest of your life. All it does is go around the word the destinations are chosen by the owners and purchasers of the cabins etc

For a year you may start in London and just tour the World. What I do is I imagine I am on this ship and visiting all its stops and places of interest it calls at. Most of the places are not normal places of call for cruise liners so what they visit is out of the ordinary. This seems to take away some concerns and worries that are caused by my conditions and associated tests/results. As in all intents and purposes I am travelling around the world without the worry of strange countries and non existent hospitals. It just seems to get the mind away from all the concerns we suffer from.

So now I am having lunch with a bottle of Chianti, rump steak, chipped potatoes and whatever. After that a snooze until about three then look around the town etc. Then returning for evening meal and having a beer and chaser on the balcony watching port life passing by. When we go to bed the ship pulls out of the harbour. to our next port of call. I think you will get the gist of it all.

In the past many of the countries we visited have now been at war and many of their attractions have been destroyed. So it is nice to look into travel books and work out what is of interest to visit and see, sometimes it brings sadness although most brings excitement and anticipation.

This is just how I try and manage my disabilities, I even have books of Scotland where I used to walk and climb when I was young and daft, Photographs of my climbs and walks seem to widen my journeys.

All above is just one or two ways you can try and take your mind of our troubles


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  • Hi Bob that is a very interesting way of escapism and cheering yourself

    Up, and Why Not ? That's a great Thing to do, and your lucky you can do


    I think it's great to switch off and use our imagination, I sometimes imagine

    I live in a lovely cottage by the beach, and that I can hear the sea and smell

    The sea. Whereas I really live in the City in a third floor apartment, but I

    Like that I use my I agitation to trick myself. Maybe I will win the Lotto and

    Could buy a cottage by the sea, but in the meantime my imagination

    Will take me there.

    Bob I hope your ok and not in too much pain, I'm always around

    For a chat anyway. Hugs to you and Hazel And Pax.

    Hannah xx

  • Oh My Gawd Bob I thought of you the other day when I heard about the couple who won the Lotto Jackpot for a second time!

    Go out there Bob and win it, its obviously p*ss easy to do... ha ha


  • Hello Caroline

    Live your dreams, you never know what will happen in the future

    Bob xxx

  • Hello Hannah

    Thanks Still always around, just got back from Manus this morning then away of to South Africa tonight, will go to Athens for supper

    When it comes to living in the country the roads are scruffy, Pax look like a mud ball after his walks and sometimes the smells remind us where we are.

    We made the break and moved out of the town, and services are more fractured. Now we made the move and we are glad we did, Holidays and days out are stinted although we always feel we are on holiday looking out of our windows.

    Have your dreams you may be lucky and make your dreams come true


  • Beautiful escapism, I relive ballets I performed. You know we are so lucky to have this site, I would never have met any of you, shared good and bad stuff so reading your post Bob has made me light hearted today, I thank you for that, Opps, you'd better hurry your ship is casting off for the next destination ;) xxxx Dens

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