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This post is to all of us lovely people, that's all of us on this forum

To all the people I have loved and liked before ( still do of course) please don't take my ignorance personally or meaningfully it's just that me and the forum technical department do not seem to be seeing eye to eye.

To be honest it is acting very unprofessional.

I have sat here a slave to my ipad for days now and the forum does not want to include me, I have not took it personally as I see you all have been ignored by the forum,let's put it this way it doesn't like receiving messages of late or sending them.

If this one is successful then I may have lift off and if Caroline's message was successful then I will feel this lonely place with a black cloud over it slowly begin to let some light back into my life and I can filter back into my position that Mr Technical Forum took away from me.


No malice was intended when I posted this or Caroline's message and if it has caused upset to anyone I do apologise. I try and use humour where I can but I also understand we all have different humour and thoughts due to our own personal experiences.

Please accept my apologies if you are one who is offended by it.

This is a genuine apology.

Love michelle


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What has happened Michelle? I loved your post to Caroline and it is still up.

I think there may have been some technical hitches on the forum at some times but hopefully they are ok now.

Hope you are ok .Gemma



There is definitely some hitch with the forum - because I looked at this post last night, and there was definitely more than one reply...

Michelle - I certainly haven't been offended by any of your posts, and I can't see anything on any of your posts indicating that anyone else has been. Has someone sent you a PM saying that they were offended?

Carmela x


There was a problem with the site, that was cleared up a while ago. I contacted the Health unlocked and all seems ok. Unless it was another problem I did not know about

Never get upset especially when I do not know why I am upset. So I will not take up upset as we have enough of it when ill


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