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:'( frustrated

Im having a little bit of an upset/angry/frustrated moment. Im trying to keep calm and not explode at my mother which is a common occurance.

I finished University in September - I now live back at home in my home town with my mum and step father. Both of them are easy going and easy enough to live with (most of the time). I moved back so I could get a full time job and save up some money so I could travel to Australia and the end of the year. (That is the plan)

So far so good, Ive been saving a little and accomplishing things in the mean time like driving and I bought my own car - test is booked for feb so hopefully I pass!

Basically Ive just got in from shopping with a guy I know - we went to the bullring and it was a nice day! In the past he told me he had feelings for me but now we are just friends! which is good.

But my mum alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays talks about how I should get with him and theres not many men like him that are about bla bla bla bla......... Basically shes ALWAYS trying to influence my decisions... She does this with a dissaproving look on her face... She just wont leave me alone!!!!!! My sister sees her do it to me and tells her to stop it. With making little decisions she feels like she needs to take control asif Im not competent enough to make these decisions myself. Im strong minded and do what IIIIIIIII WANT. SO I dont know why she still feels like she can influence my decisions. And if I dont do what she thinks I should do she goes all weird. Its just not good! She always asks to see my payslip and asks me how much Ive been paid then has a go at me when I go shopping and spend it on myself. She just needs to leave me alone. She always tells me do things and I feel suffocated!!!! THEN I end up snapping at her and telling her to get out of my business and she turns it around and gets upset! She wonders why I have a 'bad attitude' with her. She trys to get too involved in my life!

Last night I wanted to go out for a few drinks after work and I couldnt cause nobody was out........SO she rang my cousin and basically embarassed me saying I had nobody to go out with could I go out with her(my cousin)... HOW EMBARASSING.

Like Im 24! I will sort out my own social life thankyou. Its just things like that that really annoy me she doesnt let me be independent.

I have felt very strongly in the past that she has shot down my dreams and made me see things 'REALISTICALLY' regards to money etc. Whenever I say something she says..............'Well you cant afford that'......... Its always a negative. Never positive. And I do believe her influence has stunted my life because her answer is always NO. Im old enough now to make my own decisions but when I was young and impressionable I didnt need that.

I just needed to rant !! :'(


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