im feeling so fed up and worried woke up feel sick and a sore stomach the stomach problems on going due to my depression thats what the doctor said the last time i seen him ! due anxietys i always fear the worst ! ive been on omeprazole long term.but still need to take gaviscon so fed up with this feeling that my stomach i always think the worst ! any advice would be gratefully received ! david

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  • Hi David, it's nice to hear from you.

    I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis a while back. The doctor said that stress / depression was a major contributor as it increases acid levels in the stomach which eventually begin to erode away the lining. I was prescribed omeprazole and lanzoprazole for ages but I kept forgetting to take them.

    On one of my many Google sessions, I came across an article recommending magneisum supplements for depression. The added bonus is that they also act on harmful stomach acids. I got a supplement from Sainsbury's and took them alongside my normal antidepressants. To be honest I felt better during that few weeks that I had done for quite a while. I need to go and get some more really as I've run out. You have reminded me! Has your doctor referred you for an endoscopy?

    Lucy x

  • Hi David have you had tests to make sure there is nothing wrong with your stomach? If not I would insist on them. I don't think it is natural to have to keep taking meds for the pain. I think your dr needs to investigate further. Take care x

  • Hi David I was on that omneprazole for 3 months, as Meds and stress gave me

    Terrible stomach pain. Now it's fine and David the thing is the more you worry

    The worse your stomach will get, it's a vicious cycle. Stress makes stomach

    Produce too much acid.

    David try and relax as your going to make it worse if you don't . Bev is right too,

    As Dr. Should look into your symptoms as well.

    Kind regards

    Hannah x

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