I'm glad I did something

I posted earlier saying I was upset but I feel much better now, I feel really proud of myself. I just got back from a black veil brides concert and this band Atilla was playing (who are really heavy) so a little group of people next to me started moshing but not like normal moshing, they were basically beating everyone up. And this guy standing behind me, he looked maybe 16-17 had his face in his hands and they were clearly scaring him and he was going into panic attack mode. I could tell by how he was acting. then he got his wallet out and i was a little confused but I realized he was getting a blade out so I basically shoved through the crowd to get to him and talked him out of it just as he was about to and gave him hugs. I don't know but he put the blade away before he did anything so I hope he was okay. I was just glad I had done something rather than the people around who were just watching him. I basically got him on the other side of me so he wasn't hit by the moshers and i was and told him he didn't need to because in a bit BVB would come in and he could enjoy himself and that i've been there and he would be okay and don't do anything he'd regret and gave him a hug and some tissue to wipe the tears and he was all good it was supposed to be fun and the fact he was feeling that down wasnt okay. BVB army is a family and it's our job to help each other

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  • well done Torot, that was thoughtful and kind of you.

  • You did a good and brave thing there Torot0 well done. x

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