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light boxes and the winter blues

hello although the summer seems to last forever, i am conscious that in just over a months time the clocks will change and people will start dusting off their light boxes.

I've recently bought one and have started to use it in the mornings, but when we get the dark evenings i'll want to use it when i get home, but i'm not sure how soon before bedtime to switch it off, do people just use it for a couple of hours in the evening? I'm aware that using it too late can mess up sleep, but really not sure how late is too late?

I hope it does work, once the clocks change it is like having jet lag till the middle of january

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I have a SAD light - in general I think the recommendation is not to use it after 6pm ish as doing so can interfere with your sleep patterns.

Were there instructions that came with the box ... or may be there is something on line that you could double check that.


It doesnt effect you that way, it makes you sleep better, and feel lighter in mood, not so tired. clear headed. I use mine when I sit to watch telly. Usually by January im suicidal for no reason at all.

Honestly its like having YOU back to normal all year. I used to dread winter,,, because I knew what I was facing. sleeping for Britain, anxiety, dread, eating stodgy stuff sweets cakes ect. no energy. feeling confused. Ah the feelings of depression!!

You have to use it for a good 3 hours a day.

I hope that helps


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