Hoorah Scotland stayed! Thank you

Wow Wow we are still Britain! How Wonderful!

Im so sorry if you wanted a 'Yes' vote, I do understand but if you're a Scot on here for one I want to say thanks for sticking with us, as useless as we are :-) Ive been worried all week.

Want to jump up and down with people but I live alone...lol

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


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  • I will jump up and down with you Caroline. One, two, three JUMP :) I too am very pleased we are all still one big happy country. Bev xx

  • Me too!! :-) I like the United Kingdom, but do think that vote is going to at least now give Scotland more help and freedom, so hopefully a win win situation for them :-)

    How was dinner with bf? how you had a wonderful evening :-)

    my laptop is playing up, so may miss everyone over the weekend :-( hope you all have a good one :-)

  • A) Throw the laptop on the floor (re: logic of thumping the telly when it doesnt work :-)

    Well it's not going to go away and yes if it gives them some more autonomy well all to the good.

    We had Chicken it was fab! And wonderful to wake to good news as I was very worried. We watched Skyfall for a 2nd time it was Fab, gotta love a lille Bond.

    In London its 'OpenHouse London' so hope to be off out myself Monib.

    Suffering abit from not being able to celebrate, but you can guarantee if I see any Scots at the weekend Im going to POUNCE on them and say thanks :-)

    Better together (is that Tesco?...lol)


  • Ditto. I've been worried too.

    Sarah xx

  • Yes I am so pleased we are still together. Interestingly though I have two Scots friends living in the Midlands and they both said they would have voted for independence; so a different view there. Luckily because they live in England they couldn't vote ! x

  • Should we have a 'We got back together with Scotland Day :-)' X

  • i voted yes as i wanted independence. i wish you were right about now gaining more power, but unfortuantely i think your wrong. i dont think westminster cared before, and the pm and other leaders got involved when yes was doing well. i think its all lip service cause no matter what politicians say, it almost always doesnt happen, then they blame the other parties for it not happening. so were stuck as it is :(

    ps. independence didnt mean we didnt like our english neighbours, it meant we as scots could decide on our own future as a country

  • Kevlar Kevlar Kevlar, look they lie to us all! At least now you know both us in England and Wales and You and will be promised loads of things they have no intention of delivering, so you wont feel alone.

    How much worse would it have been if Young Mr Salmon (like Young Mr Grace in 'Are you being served', promised stuff and you 'believed' him and he didnt deliver!).

    For what it's worth i think you may have been lucky enough to have had a honeymoon period but sooner or later, councils dont listen and politicians definitely dont listen!

    This way we all get to join hands in our grievances :-)

    Also I dont mean to be harsh but we really cant afford Globally to look weak, now isnt the time for nationalism in the face of Russia, the US and China behaving like Imperial arses, never mind whats going on with some of the Arabs. We stand stronger together, if the other countries see us split we show weakness, sad but true.

    I feel for you because all things being equal of course you should rule yourselves. That said I dont think you could have picked a better time, with the elections coming up soon even Westminster is going to have to be accountable, you have lots of Aces up your sleeves.

    Besides you and I are old enough to know this isnt the end of this issue. In 5/10 years time a new Salmon will take up root and i will get yet another sleepless week as they vote yet again...grrr you wasskly waskles.

    Nice to have you back Kevlar, for all of us that I know of in London this was more of a heartfelt loss to us, well all love you silly old Scots with your skirts and 3 legged haggis, you great big silly things! tsk.


  • haha caroline. you make me laugh. :)

    i know mr salmon(d) is going to resign now as first minister. there were several people that i know of that voted no because they didnt like him, but it wasnt a vote for him.

    unfortunately here in the west of scotland being a united britian takes on a whole new meaning. if you have a look on google for the no supporters reaction in george square in glasgow, and the attacks on yes supporters because they were holding st.andrew flags. this is more of the horrible things that have attached us to the uk. unfortunately, and thankfully it is a minority, but they believe this is what being british is.

    anyway, i hope there will be another chance to vote for independence in my lifetime. although my son wanted no. hes 10 and thinks that scotland will do rubbish in the olympics if we went alone. oh to be that naive again lol


  • The Olympics thats the one with the Oval ball right?...lol

    Kev I have to do the washing up, I cant stop here chatting all night with you..tsk.

    Another time Kev, another time :-) Thanks for the reply.

    Kiss little Kev on the top of the head for for me, he will think its strange but its all part of growing up ...lol


  • Hi kevlar I think voting for independence would have been a mistake and agree with Caroline. From what I understand most of the young people voted yes and most of the older ones voted no. We have to stay united in the face of global economies but hopefully you will be able to get more autonomy in the future. The other reason I am glad is that Scotland is mainly labour so it will be easier in future to keep the terrible Tories out. Gordon Brown for prime minister again??? x

  • I can trace my family back to king Henry 1st, and in the early years my family used to fight the Scottish, but that was in the past, I think it is great that the Scottish stayed, great part of Britain we would be lost without them, great people, great country side, great history.. I love the bag pipes as well

  • Thats Fantastic Ferrarifx, I think you expressed the whole thing far better than I could, its about sharing a history! Wonderful! Thanks X

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