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Hi everyone

Just letting you all know that I appreciate all of your comments, advice and kind words on my previous post. Ive spoken to my girlfriend about this website and I've shown her it and she is happy that I've found somewhere to talk to people about what I am going through. My friends funeral was today also

I went to the doctors this morning and the gp has prescribed 20mg Citalopram and talking therapy. She wants to see me again in 2 weeks. The gp was helpful and did not judge me. It's bin a long day

U lot helped me take this step so thank you all again. Al try keep u posted on how my treatment goes.

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Hi Andy that great news that your getting help at

This time. All the best with your baby too and take care of yourselves.

That was very good of you to let us know how you are



I'm very pleased you made the step to get some help. Thanks for letting us know,

Sarah x


Hope that it all goes well.


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