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New here [so, hi!] also why would a counsellor make a GP app. for you without informing you?

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Hi to whoever the unfortunate souls are reading this,

So I'm looking for a little reassurance I guess - I've been having counselling at my GP surgery for the last couple months, was supposed to be 6 sessions in all but my last session the counsellor said she wanted to extend it for another couple weeks [it's through the nhs so I'm guessing that's as much as she can do?] so we arranged the next appointment and that was that.

But this morning I was in the surgery to see the nurse for something separate and she informs me the counsellor has booked me in for an appointment with a doctor on Weds. I had absolutely no knowledge of this.

Can anyone out there tell me why a counsellor would do this? I'm pretty anxious over the whole thing. I thought they couldn't do anything without informing you first/getting your consent?

Could it just be a mix-up and she meant to make an appointment for another client?

Any info would be so appreciated!

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Hi, I really don't know why she would have done this. it sounds unusual and as you say it may be a mix up. Try not to worry about it and maybe just wait until Wednesday and go along and see what if anything it's all about (or try asking the receptionist as they may be able to tell you; worth a try. ) XXXX

It does seem unusual right? I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't had to see a nurse today. I just hope there isn't a poor person out there who thinks they'll be getting an appointment and I've accidentally ended up with it instead! I'll just have to try keep a cap on the worry and live through it for a day until I find out. Thank you for helping me feel a little more at ease :)

Maybe the counsellor was trying to be helpful - had you mentioned that your meds needed reviewing perhaps? Or maybe seeing the GP was a requisite to getting more sessions. I'm guessing the counsellors' caseloads are probably managed by the GP's etc, so maybe you needed to check in with them to qualify for more time? Just a thought?

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I'm not currently taking any meds but that would've made sense, it could be the checking in for extra counselling sessions - thanks for giving me some less sinister more rational ideas as to what might be happening! Only a day of anxiety over it until I find out I guess!!

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Suzie40 in reply to wishart85

I’d be the same! Let me know how you get on please? X

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I will do :) thanks again x

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So it turns out the counsellor wanted me to be referred to CMHT but didn't discuss this with me and went straight to the doctor to get it sorted. All good I guess?

Hello, see what you GP says. It may just a follow to see progress as the GP referred. He can then see if there is any further action needed. See what they say

Thanks. I know that's the sensible, rational thing to do was just having a bit of a panic over it. I don't like not knowing what's going on and found it odd that none of it was discussed with me!

Yes you should have been told x

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