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Holly says hi ;)

Just wanted to say hello to everyone, since I've not been on here for ages.. Had one of those 'can't be bothered

doing anything' periods (and I mean absolutely ANYTHING AT ALL), that went on for quite a while..

I suppose they can go on forever if you don't force yourself to start doing things again, hence this post!

And because I've missed you all...!

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Hi Holly,

Good to hear you. Glad you are picking yourself up.

Its like pushing a broken down car, hard to get going but once moving its easier.

Take care

David x


Hi David, yeah, good comparison :) Hope you're ok, nice to be back and see all your replies! XX


hi holly, hope you get the most possible out of the new spurt of energy


Lol, wouldn't call it a spurt of energy, more a much needed kick up the arse ;)

How have you been? Hope things are going well for you, or as well as can be..



Holly I had been wondering how you were. It is nice to see you back again. I know your life is not uncomplicated but I have been thinking about you reguarly, so you're not forgotten; just didn't want to intrude by keep asking if you were ok.

So I'll say "Hi" back.

I'm chugging along by the way, getting more enlightened I think by the day; just wish now I could put the clock back and be about 30 years younger with all the knowledge and development I have now :)

Gemmalouise X


Don't we all wish we knew then what we know now and had the energy now that we had then...xx


Yes Sue a pipe dream for sure.



Lol, who doesn't! Wow, you're administrator! Don't really know what that entails but it sounds

good ;)

Luv Holly Xx


Aw thanks Gemmalouise, it's good to be back.. Suppose I should've done this ages ago, as we need this place more than ever when we're going through shit times..

Glad you're plodding along ok, I know what you mean about putting the clock back, unfortunately it can't be done so we'll just have to concentrate on the clock going forward and making the most

of that.. And use the knowledge and development we have to not make the same mistakes we made in the past!

Holly Xx


Hi Holly :)

Lovely to see you back on the site. We have missed you too. xxx


Hi Holly , have you put your head back on. Remember MrsDetachable head.

Remember that.

We need your wit back here, we could do with that for sure.



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Haha, forgot about Mrs detachable head! Still would be great to be able to take yer head off for a while ;)

Thanks Hannah, it's nice to be back and see so many replies, and still so many old faces (well, names..), and of course new ones too!

Luv, Holly Xx


Glad you have managed to force yourself to do something and hope you feel better for it.


Hi gambit, yeah I do, should've done it a long time ago.. Missed ya all..!

Hope life's going ok for you!

luv, holly xx


Yeh Holly! Get your arse back on the forum - I miss you!! X


Its firmly back on it ;) Missed ye too Lucy, you always make me laugh and cheer me up :)

hope yer well,

Luv Holly xx


Hiya Holly nice to see you back. Looks like we have all missed you :d xx


Thanks coughalot, missed you all too!! Hope thing's are going ok for you!

Holly xx



We've missed you! (((((Hugs)))))


Missed you too Themys! How have you been? Wow, you're administrator too ;) Congrats lol

Hope you're well, luv n hugs! xx


Hi holly sorry touch hear you not been well just take your time and do things which you enjoy relax and sit some where quiet


Hi Duncan, thanks :) How have you been? Hope you're well. I shouldn't have stayed away from the forum so

long, when you're not feeling your best is when this place can help most..


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