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Daydreaming, citalopram and depression

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So I've been on 30mg of citalopram since new year and its definetly working while I wait for my CBT to start. However most recently its not only given me really bad constipation where I'm literally peeing out my arse..but I find myself Daydreaming a lot. Either just staring at my computer or gazing out the kitchen window at work. Someone might say hey u okay? But won' neccarily hear them's like im in another world. Has anyone else experienced this? I' scared im gonna go into a daydream and not wake up:/

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Hi I got that a lot when I wasn’t taking my citalopram & occasionally get it when I haven’t got enough going on to occupy my self and mind. I find my thoughts wandering. I’ve tried using the headspace app for meditation, which I found quite useful as it teaches you to be aware and helps make you more in control of your wandering thoughts and puts you at ease when you can’t control it.

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Thanks clarebear86 ill give the app a go. Is it for android?

That’s great you are able to hold down a job! When I was on meds I was so out of it I couldn’t get out of bed!

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Para86 before I went on meds I was signed off for 2 weeks. After many arguments at home with mum and dad -they didn't understand. I went back to work on the depressants and there were sooo many times I thought about quiting. Tbh u don't feel I should be working wen on 30mg citalopram...there's some days I feel like I'm on recreational drugs:/

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I felt that too! Felt like I was on an awesome high! I remember the first time I took anti depressants I was knocked out till 11am! I normally get up at 5am! But boy I did enjoy that lie in!

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