Happy New Year Everyone

What are you folks, like 6 hours ahead of us? So you've already rung in the New Year. We have 3 1/2 hours roughly to go. You've all been so very wonderful. You're a great bunch of people. You've got the biggest hearts. You've helped me work through such an ugly time. Thanks to you I have the courage to start new in this New Year. I love you all!! Thank you. May the New Year bring you blessings and the peace you have given to me.

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  • Hi Alice! Good to hear from you ☺ It's 1.45pm Australian daylight saving time here. Overcast and humid 😣

    This forum is filled with brilliant big hearted folks who understand various mental health issues due to lived experiences. We don't like seeing people suffering. We give as and when we can because we want to. And when someone reaches a successful turning point? We're inordinately chuffed for them 😀

    Thank you for your lovely post. I hope you'll stay with this exceptional community.

    Blessings to you and yours for 2017 ✌

  • It is 4:10 here in Bonnie Scotland so we are 4 hours into 2017 already, wishing you a Happy New Year xx

  • They are all down at the pub celebrating. Starting off A HAPPY NEW YEAR which they all deserve. WhiteAlice is right on. Pam

  • Happy New Year Pam hope all goes well for you in 2017. xx

  • Thank you WhiteAlice and a very Happy New Year to all our members


  • Happy New Year to you allllllll

    This year is gonna be the best ever

    Ive made a pact with it Hahahahaha

    For me tis The Year of the Laugh Hahahahaha

  • It's much better to make a pact with the new year rather than the devil :) x

  • Gosh nooo he has tried to take me against my will .. I fight him and am not giving in ... See this light shining ? Beeeaaaammmmm .. Its mine .. So big n bright

  • Be aware of being very high at the moment Satsuma. Don't forget the lows as well. Take care Bev x

  • But I don't even wanna think of them as they will knock me down and I will never move forward will I ?

  • Satsuma you won't move forward with just the highs or lows either. The whole thing - the highs and lows are part of your illness and you can't have one without the other. You know that.

    To move forward you need to be able to even out your moods and not have the extremes you do as both of them are part of the same coin. You know that too.

    I know the highs must be wonderful but no one can ever be high all the time even though you are trying to be with your legal highs. It doesn't work like that love.

    You will find that when you are on the appropriate meds you will be able to forge ahead. You can't have a normal, productive life while you are so extreme.

    You know that too but don't seem to understand it. Or maybe you do but aren't willing to sacrifice the highs? This is quite common in bi polar sufferers I believe.

    Sorry for the reality check so early in 2017 but I want you to be happy and sad in the 'normal' way. Take care. Bev x

  • I agree coughalot, chemical highs which include alcohol are not the way. They can only make things worse in the long run xxx

  • Has taken me 22 years to realise this xxx

  • I have over the years been given anti depressants which I have found do not help .. Then they gave me anti psychotics quetapine then ptomazinr which had me blown up like a Michelin woman and I am sorry but I refuse to be fat like that .. I could not fit in my jeans and am still battling with the weight loss .. Whereas before I was stable in my weight .. They are giving me a med review in January .. I also have a support worker who has stated I have been left to my own devices .. For now the oil helps when I get highly strung and excited .. It lowers it .. I know I have dwelled in my past .. That is over now I am looking forward to happier times...but it is just for today I feel happy n content .. It won't last forever but while I feel like this I will enjoy or else I will slope down just for today I want to laugh Hahahahaha and yes I will have the low to follow I know this .. Thank you though coughalot2 for being there

  • I know the oil is not the way forward but it is just for today and is non addictive .. It serves for now a purpose that is all but hey lots of people rave over it u know .. Medical marijuana is all it is that is all

  • Hey I am not knocking you for wanting to blot painful things out, I can understand that you need some relief from it sometimes otherwise it can be overwhelming.

    I know also that you have had a very tough time of it over the years, but I do wish you all the best. Bev x

  • Just like me with the booze. You are desperate for a bit of relief from it all. Anyone would be the same. The oil sounds a lot less harmful than booze. xxxxxx

  • I said it because I care Satsuma and I am glad you know that. It reassures me that you are not lying to yourself about this - I always say lie to others if you really have to, but never to yourself. Ever.

    You do know that from what you said though so that's good. I hope you do get your meds sorted in the future. Take care Bev xx

  • Happy New Year


  • I have to agree with you about the lovely people on here. What I have noticed most is that for the first time I can remember we have lots supporting others which is great and very needed. In the past there have been times when it's often been the same few people supporting and most just posting and getting support.

    There are times of course that we just need to take and not give and that's fine too. But it's great now that so many can and do join in with the great support network on here. There are some wonderful folk on now full of compassion and love. Bev x

  • Hello Alice,

    Happy New Year, Yesterday for me was following 2017 start in New Zealand and ending in the UK. I suppose with you must live in the USA, I was to tired to stay up until Time Square. So I saw it when I put the television this Morning.

    All the very best


  • We watched a Three Stooges Marathon until midnight. I enjoyed it. I'm still leaving, but I'm trying to keep the days we have left togetger as peaceful ad possible. The Stooges are the best!

  • That's the ticket WhiteAlice. Make things as easy for you and your son as possible. You will soon be free - what a magical word isn't it? Look to the future now and build a good life for yourself coz you deserve it. Bev x

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