Hello, How's everyone else out there?

Hiya folks,

Found myself at that point again when I thought it was time to try and talk to others that get it.

I will spare you all the life story (cos everyone struggles right?) I am at the start of what looks and feels like another depressive episode and I am totally gutted. I know things will get better at some point, I just dunno If I can play this game again. At the moment I'm thinking you gotta go there to come back. I have been off meds for almost 8 months and the though of having to limp back to them feels like total fail.

Hope everyone is riding the waves well. If I can ever be any use please feel free to shout me. Sometimes just the chat can help




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4 Replies

  • Hi, Sorry to hear the depression is coming back. I know it's hard to battle your way through, but at least you know you will come out the other end. Not everyone has that hope. So please hold on to that and you will gte better again x

  • Sometimes sharing rather than sparing the life story is what helps you make sense of what's going on x

  • Hey,

    Good to meet you. As Lucy says, if you want to share it may help you work through it. No pressure though.

    Sarah x

  • Thanks for the replies guys, this seems to be a really nice place and I already feel a bit more normal just knowing that others get it.

    At the moment I'm rolling my sleeves up for that familiar scrap again. I almost lost hope at the weekend and that is the first time I've ever been so close, the compassion of my family got me through, which I am hugely grateful for.

    My current life situation has bottomed out due to a catalogue of mishaps and speed bumps, and with a little rationality I can understand why I have got back here.

    1- Had to resign for my job of 15 years in social care due to me taking forward points about blatant poor standards of care that management refused to acknowledge.

    2 - Now unemployed (6months) and feel fecking useless and like a ship without a rudder. Being a young persons worker was how I defined myself :(

    3- Split up from my partner of ten years, who may be the only female on the planet who could get me and also put up with me. I am uber lonely and miss being a part of something..you know what I mean..the cuddles at night and simply belonging, all the little things.

    4. During all of the above I was diagnosed with skin cancer (eek!) I had 2 basal cell carcinomas removed. All ok though whew! Doesn't half give you a fright but.

    So that's me and my factors, guess they eventually all just caught up with me. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope It didn't sound too yuky

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