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How's your summer?

is the summer treating everyone well?

fingers crossed,,, so long as last weeks' blood test turns out ok ,,,the start to my summer hols is promising.

I've found a couple a local meditation groups, and perhaps it is also the influence of a new mood stabiliser that i have been on a comfortable level the last two weeks.

I never realised how important sleep was, i just thought that a bad night just meant a foggy head and slow-motion the next day. But finding now valuable proper sleep is, head so much clearer with the meds and better sleep that comes with them.

Huge sigh of relief at things being calm, wish i knew things could stay that way.

Resolution for the second half of the year: To keep a balance to my free time, all too often i get too carried away with one thing in the evenings at the exclusion of all others-- not a recipe for success..

well i've had the luxury of a lunchtime rest, off out to do some weeding before the gym, think i might have a go at working up to a headstand when i'm there this evening-- might give everyone a chuckle looks so easy on youtube,

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Nice post gardengnome, glad things have picked up for you.

My summer not too bad. I am still suffering from extreme insomnia and can only imagine what it must be like to have a clear head! I've only managed a couple of hours sleep for the past few days; manage to top myself up with coffee and keep going; but it is a good job I am not working as I would not be able to concentrate. All I have to do is manage to get myself up and go to my exercise class most days. Today I could not manage it.

I had a doctors appointment this morning; it wasn't about my depression but about something else. I needed some more tablets though and he did ask me how long I had been on the 40 mg dose of cipramil. I said about 8 years or so (it's probably 10 or more at least actually) He said that I did not look depressed ! That felt strange but I guess I never do. I am what they call a "happy face" person; I am very good at "presenting" ok nowadays so my depression must have improved a lot I guess.

Was looking on the PTSD site and I seem in a way to have more those sort of symptoms. I can look happy but still be thinking about death or feeling things are pointless. I am not actually sure how "normal" this is as maybe it is just an active mind. I have just come back from a short break and am very tired and I tend to put it down to that sort of thing.

As well I had completely forgotten to mention to the doctor that I have been itching very badly for about the past 5 to 6 weeks as this seems so minor to me compared with the other things I suffer from ; however I did mention it in the pharmacy. The pharmacist said that seeing as piriton had not eased the symptoms and my skin was broken and I was being kept awake for several hours itching I should see the doctor again as it could be mites. The doctors receptionist told me to go back later today which I would find impossible as getting myself there in the first place was a major feat. What I noticed from this is firstly that I dismiss much of my stuff as minor and secondly that many people could manage to pop in somewhere twice in a day and would think nothing of it??

Think I'm ruminating a bit too much. :) Not unusual for me :)

Anyway someone said it had gone quiet on here which hopefully it has because people are enjoying the weather.

I hope your good spell continues gardengnome. It is nice to see you posting up. How is everyone else?

Gemmalouise X

PS Don't forget to lock your posts please if you want to keep them in this community :) I did say I may not reply if they are not locked as I am quite bothered about my privacy but also I like to be friendly so it puts me in a dilemna.


Hi Gardengnome I'm glad things are stabilised with you. Sleep is very important, and

I'm glad that your able to sleep.

Nice to hear good news too. Enjoy it while you can.



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