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So far ive been in my new job over a week. the people here are amazing and supportive. i even forgot to take my meds one day and didnt notice any change. the even better news is after 17 months and 6 weeks at court we finally got justice. the defendant was found guilty of manslaughter, gbh and failing to allow a decent burial. he got a sentence of 18 and a half years and the judge wants him deported after this. i can now sleep without fear and start to remember the happy times with my wonderful uncle xx i urge anyone on here suffering with domestic violence to speak out before its too late x


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9 Replies

  • Hello

    Congratulations Merry Christmas and New Year


  • so glad for you, life can go on now that everything is done and dusted with the court case. Great that work has started well, hope the holiday season is good for you...

  • This is excellent news. I am so pleased for you. x

  • What good news for you. Now you can begin to look forward to a happier future. All the very best, Julie xx

  • really glad to hear that work is going well.

    Also great to hear about the result of the trial.

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words and thoughts xxx

  • What a lovely post to log in and read. Obviously tinged with an element of sadness, but absolutely brilliant that you can finally start to gain closure. Really happy for you x

  • That's great that the people you work with are supportive. You have been through a lot and hopefully you will be Able to get your life back together now.


  • Hi

    thats good news, hopefully you will now be able to find some closure and be able to move on from this terrible episode in tour life

    jules x

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