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Dad's Birthday

Today was the 82nd anniversary of my father's birth.

Last year it was the day I came out of hospital after breaking my ankle so didn't really get to mark it.

This year was much better - managed to get a frozen black forest gateau on my way home from work on Thursday - it defrosted a little in the fridge overnight but was then put in the microwave - not turned on but needed to be somewhere away from curious/voracious cats - and it defrosted gently at room temperature. My boyfriend came over at lunch time so was able to have a slice with him and we watched most of Dispicable Me2 - which I think my dad enjoyed. After that it was back to work for a few hours (and more or less managed to get everything I wanted done today) before heading out at 1800 to meet up with friends for a meal followed by the Hobbit ... which dad also enjoyed but can't help feeling that it's really a trilogy that you need to see as a whole but that won't be possible for a while. It's a book dad read to us when we were children - he loved Tolkein so his idea of bed-time reading involved a lot of Tolkein - not that I really remember much of it. He used to make up tunes to go with the songs and sing them to us ... and I'm sure he had to reread a lot of passages as we had fallen asleep long before he'd realised we were asleep :)

Anyway, was a good day.

He always said he was born on Friday 13th - don't know if that works out

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Hi Gambi that sounds like a really nice time. Seeing both boyfriend and your Dad. My died eight yrs ago at age eight nine. Oh I still miss him, enjoy your Dad and those

Happy times.

Glad cats didn't attack the cake. Luna's latest mischief is tearing up Xmas wrapping

Paper. She is a funny one. Enjoy your weekend.



actually my dad died in March 2001 but I can't think of him in the past tense - that isn't denying that he's dead just accepting it and the fact that he will always be alive in my memory ... I watched the end of the West Wing because he was a fan although I generally hate politics and enjoyed it and like to think he enjoyed it with me - there were some really good themes tackled in there - including PTSD ... an episode that had one of my favourite actors in it Aaron Shutz (think that is his name) - played Adam in Northern Exposure and one of the doctors in Chcago Hope ...

Cats are both asleep at the moment. They seem to have lost interest in loo and kitchen rolls - though the last time I changed the loo rolls they'd obviously discovered where I keep them in the wardrobe as one was slightly the worse for wear :) Tissues out of tissue boxes is another matter though - unless I know I'm going to have visitors I generally leave them lying around on the floor as they will continue to pick them up and play with them.


Nothing wrong with Friday the 13th :)

Thanks for sharing that. It made me smile.


My grandad died when I was 10, and I still don't really think of him in the past tense. Same kind of thing, not that I'm in denial, just those moments where I know exactly what he would have said or done, and he's still there in my memory.

Glad you and dad had a good day. Must confess I have never really "got" it with Tolkein; it's all about LeGuin and Earthsea for me where literary fantasy is concerned :)

I love the West Wing though!


If truth be told I think I was more of a CS Lewis girl - loved the stories and there is quite a lot of black and white in terms of morality but there's also a lot of grey their - my favourite was the Silver Chair - probably because it was the funniest..

Tolkein was all about creating an English equivalent of the great Norse sagas like Boewolf - so can imagine it was an acquired taste - Dad like LeGuin and Earthsea as well.


Ahhr that's lovely gambit it was my dad's 68th birthday too this week, he loved films like the hobbit too, sounds like you celebrated in style

Jules x


Hope you manage to celebrate in style as well.


Gambit sorry I didn't realise your Dad had died, although I believe they are always

With us. Forever in our hearts.


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