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hi all just wanted to to say

i have been caring for my husband now for 3 yrs and the stress and strain is so on top of me at the moment ,all i want to do is cry pack my bags and walk out the door for good.He has such mood swing's one day can be the man i married and another he can be so mean i just want to smash his head in (I NEVER WOULD).Family are all very good and support me but I don't see why they have to be dragged into my problem's,they have family life of there own and i feel i'm just putting on them.All i want to do is cry i am so very low and just don't know where to turn ,I can't carry on like this.

Would like any advice you guy's could offer xx

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Hi nut job as a depression sufferer I can fully understand what you are saying, as I can be so difficult when I am down ie not wanting to talk to anyone and just wallowing in self pity. The difference is I live alone so I don't have to make the people around me miserable with my moods. What I will say tho is that unless you've actually suffered with this awful illness it is so difficult to understand:( from what you have posted it sounds as tho you may be slightly depressed ( not that I would this on anyone) but don't forget to take care of YOU xx




You are a carer so it may be possible to get assistance in dealing with His moods. Sadly I do not know what other medical problems he has and how old the both of you are. Although you in your o wn right have needs as well as your husband, so you should be able to get assistance

Go and see your GP and ask for help, explain that all that is going on is driving you to distraction and is having a negative effect on your life

You never know if you do not try.




I am sorry you are having such a hard time with caring for your husband. You do not say what his problems are, but whatever they are it sounds as if you need support from people outside the family. Do talk with either your GP, a counsellor (GP could refer you) or someone from an organisation linked to your husband's difficulties. If you want some advice as to who to contact probably some of us on the website will be able to help, meanwhile do use the site for support as we all do.



It sounds like you need some respite care - have you tried looking on the internet to see if there is a local carers group that you could join - CAB might also be able to help with some Respite care and putting you in touch with relevant people.

In terms of your family - it's really difficult to think straight when you are tired and stressed - is it not possible that they might want to help - sometimes helping someone else takes our minds of our own problems and can make us feel really useful - just take a look at everyone here supporting each other :)

It really sounds as if you need a break and one is probably more than overdue. Things might look different after the rest. - hope so.


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