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Hi! I'm c-l-g, and wanted to introduce myself

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Life is a journey... each day brings us many



have been given the gift to prolong the precious



well as begin a new one to wipe the slate



is JOY in the Journey....

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Hi c-l-g! How are you?

I wish I was finding joy in the journey. I’ll have to be open to it I know. It sounds nice. Maybe it is just around the bend for me. People say life is short but sometimes it seems long.

It is around the bend. Sending you encouragement to go on. It’s so dark before the dawn. I know the feeling about life feeling long and doubting if there’s strength to make it to the finish line.

Thank you. 💕

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c-l-g in reply to Starrlight

Yes, each moment can seem an hour....re: finding joy...look for a moment...beauty in a flower, the smell of body lotion...etc...everyday joys we miss because we are not present...

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Starrlight in reply to c-l-g

Trying. I’m just not able to get there. But I think I will get there eventually. Thsnks

I really love that and appreciate you posting it. So good to meet you. Thanks for giving me a lift today!! Hope you are given one today too. And every day. It’s the journey, like you said, and we have to take the ups with the downs. Never give up.

I found many lillifts today...thanks!


Hello, nice to meet you x

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c-l-g in reply to Suzie40

Hi Suzie40! Thanks for stoppin in to say hey!

Hi c-i-g and welcome to this caring forum. Thank you for you picture and poem about life's journey. Best wishes.

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c-l-g in reply to MAS_Nurse

My pleasure, Mas_Nurse <3

It’s the little things that can bring joy, the baby steps we take, the smile from a stranger, the blossom on thectress, the walks in nature xxx take care x

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c-l-g in reply to Florida1959

So true, Florida...thanks!

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Florida1959 in reply to c-l-g

You take care xxx

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