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Redundancy positivity!!!!

For the 3rd time in 5 years it looks like I am being made redundant again!!! I am trying to see it as an opportunity to make some changes in my life. I am finally on medication that seems to be helping my depression and I don't want to step back and the thought of being unemployed frightens me. Whenever I was made redundant before I got a job within a week each time. I am thinking a new career is the way forward and I have started to look at college courses. I am hoping to train in the health profession I have always wanted to be a midwife so I think now is the time to do it (she says nervously) I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or info that may help me in this new quest ☺️☺️

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All I can say is go for it. Get yourself trained up and enjoy something that will set you up for life.

All the very best



I think unemployment frightens most people - but good that you are being positive.

One theory around why depression exists from an evolutionary point of view is that it is about transitions from one way of life that isn't getting us where we want to be to another one that allows us to lead the lives we were meant to lead.

All the best with the college courses.

Post if you are getting anxious and I'm sure you will get lots of support.


Kim29 Let me start saying that during the last two week's I've had a problem with my legs, caused by diabetes they were weeping and sores had broken out. My GP asked the district nurse to call, one who was about mid forties had passed her degree 12 months ago, the another one mid thirties was nearing her exams,So go for it I'm sure you will

be a success.

As Gambit62 said any change is stressful,but if you keep that in mind and don't let it worry you think of the career

and job satisfaction that await's you.

My best wishes go with you and all your friend's are here to support you.


Well I have just sent off an enquiry to the local college for course info


hello Kim

Good luck, go for it



Sorry Kim that I haven't replied sooner that's great new's I sure you will be a great success I think it's amazing what you can do, when you apply yourself.Take my wife (please) she was in her late 40,s (as you will have realized I'm her toyboy) and she did 3 A level courses ,on a part time basis over 2 year's, she had 2 A & 1 B grades. So my very best wishes, you can do it.



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