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Fluoxetine ,will sleep disturbance settle down? I like my sleep!!!

Hi I know side effects of anti depressants can go away after a while, but what about sleep disturbance?

I'm thinking about cutting back on dose as I seem to have lost the ''off-switch'' at nights after being on prozac for a couple of months.

Not sure about using sleeping tablets yet, won't they stop the anti-depression meds from working so well?

Hoping it's just a temporary I like my sleep......

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Keep a hold for a little longer, keep of the sleeping pills. When you come of them you will never get to sleep for an age

If the prozac does not work ask for something different

Good szzzzz



How was your sleep pattern before taking fluoxetine? On fluoxetine my sleep pattern goes from really heavy deep sleep, to barely sleeping at all, and that is after being on fluoxetine for years at a high doseage level. I would suggest you stick with it for a while longer and you may find your pattern of sleep will change.

Good Luck.


or what time of day do you take it, so if you take it in the morning, take it at night, and see if this helps. On one drug I was taking, I would be wide awake till 4am, so we swapped the time, it worked.

It canbe the nature of the illness too. It seems to have a cycle of its own.

hope this helps, ps no tea, or coffee, after say 4pm, as it is a stimulant. or fags


thanks. hopefully it has just been a natural variation in sleep anyway.

perhaps it's a case of being scared the meds might not work.

So want them to work, but still dreading x-mass week when the moody blues is due to hit. And sooo hope nothing gets in the way of the fluoxetine working


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