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I have been taking Fluoxetine for over 5 weeks now and my anxiety and OCD has gone worse


Can any one help me out there, I am so desperate... I am shaking all the time no appetite, but do eat, loosing a lot of weight, my OCD has gone 10 times worse, I am overthinking even more now, having diarrhea a lot, I feel i cant live like this anymore, this all started with late bereavement 2 years ago... the last 20 months I have had different Antidepressants to which none have made me feel any better, just made me loose more weight, it's like a viscous circle now, it's like my brain has got used to taking AD's, but my body and mind haven't, I wasn't this bad before all AD's, just very sad and down, now i am terribly scared of life it's self... I have also been given Lorazepan to help with the side effects, but it's not helping.... I take Thyroxine also for my thyroid, not sure whether AD's go with this..... My husband passed 4.5 years ago now, I met someone in between those years, He put me up and dropped me from a great height, my confidence went even further down, I realized I was just looking for another Geoff (Husband), bad mistake,...... I am so desperate for any help, as i am so scared for the way I am.... I used to be quite confident and bubbly..... Hilary

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I was just the same a small you a couple years ago when I was in the wrong relationship. All those side effects too of anxiety. I'm on fluoxetine now and it's pretty good. But took about 2 months before I felt better tho. Message me anytime if you need someone to talk to xx

Sorry for the late reply.... I have gone even worse, gone within myself OCD is worse too, anxiety through the roof, not sure whether I should have taken the 1ml lorazepan for the side effects, as i feel a lot worse now, Now i am scared I am getting to used to the Lorazepan, but not really helping either, it's 6 weeks now and i feel a lot worse than i did before going on the Fluoxetine.... Can this happen, stayed on Fluoxetine for 10.5 weeks last year, as i didn't feel any better, I came off them, and thought this time maybe I didn't give it long enough then... can it take longer for some people.... Many thanks Hilary

Well I have heard it can take a couple months to feel better. But u might need a different dose? Have u talked to your doctor about it all? They're the best to help u. If u don't have a good doctor to talk to get a new one. It makes a difference. It sure can be scary to live like this. I thought I couldn't get past it but I did slowly. Hope this helps xx here for u xx

Hi Rachms11

I just don't know if a higher dose would make feel any different, as i was going out before, not well, but I am at breaking point now.... OCD has gone much worse, and the anxiety is like hell and now I am feeling so irritable... was not like this a couple of months ago, had a voluntary job, found that hard going, but did it, now I couldn't do any job, I feel AD's make me worse, I haven't found any to make me feel better, just gone further down hill.... I feel they are messing with my thyroid hormone, as i say I just don't know how it has come to this, very scared of which way to go, as I think now with all the different AD's, it has put all chemicals in my brain, that's how I see it, and the brain needs time to heal. If I am right, it's probably a long withdrawal..... i was okay 2 years ago just sad through late bereavement (Husband) and only wanted counseling , but waited 9 months, in the meantime the doctor put me on the first Antidepressant, since then i have lost 2 stone in weight.... i go a little easier of a night, but my days are frightening.... I now just let everybody tell me what to do. not sure if that's the right or wrong thing to do, all that i know is I don't know who I am anymore, maybe I should listen to myself, but not sure now If that's right either.... sorry for going on, but I am very confused ...... thanks for replying to me..... Hilary

Hi again x what about going off ADs? And trying natural depression/anxiety relief? I hear valerian is very good. It's a plant I think. My days are the hard parts. Late arvos and nights I'm pretty ok. Message me if u need to. Always here xx


I would go back and speak to your GP as the side effects appear quite bad. Given the lose of appetite and weight loss ask to get a blood test done so GP can be certain these are side effects and not an underlying problem such as your thyroid condition.

I've been on antidepressants for about 8 years. I changed them last year as they weren't effective when I reached a crisis point. My meds have been increased over that time, so like you I fear that they aren't so effective anymore.

Do you have anyone you can talk to about what you are going through? It may be a daft question as you are seeking advice online but if you have family or friends maybe someone would listen and support you through this.

There are things you can do to help. Now, you may not be in a place yet to implement these changes so I understand that. But, simple things can help improve mood.

Getting outside helps. Being in nature or just out and about.

Getting a daily dose of sunlight - helps instantly improve mood. If you can't get bright sunlight consider a light box. It's recommended 10000lux for 30 mins a day.

Obviously eating healthy helps. Things like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds are full of helpful nutrients. In particular oily or fatty fish 2x a week. There is research that a certain level of omega 3 can provide natural anti depressants.

Getting regular sleep is also therapeutic as is 30 mins brisk exercise 3x a week.

Now, none of this might be doable just now. If you could eat then pick your favorite fruit and try that. For example, a nice ripe peach. You might not be hungry, but choose your favorite fruit and try and remember a time when you ate this fruit and it was perfect. This may help trigger enough appetite to eat. As you eat focus on the taste and texture. You may find it enjoyable. Then after you've had the fruit, just wait a few minutes to see if you can feel the goodness of the fruit turning to positive energy in your body - it's a bit like a sugar rush but much much healthier.

Bananas are very good for helping mood as full of magnesium.

You may think my advice is a bit off the wall but try it if you can. It can't hurt.

Have you had counseling for grief as this may be a factor in your illness?

Things like mindfulness, deep breathing or relaxation techniques can be a huge help.

You sound as if you are at crisis point so see your doctor. Keep posting about how you are doing and there are people here you can message for immediate support (me included)

Take care

Sorry for the late reply.... I have seen counselors and had some CBT.... But the CBT just tell me to write things down, and it's all negative, which depresses me... it's 6 weeks on Fluoxetine now and still taking 1ml Lorazepan, which scares me, as i don't want to get to uses to the Lorazepan, I feel 10 times worse now than before OCD anxiety and depression have all gone worse. and yes I have had my throxine raised, from 75 to a 100, but now i am worried, that might be too much, as i was a little under medicated.... i am so desperate to feel well again, but sometimes I think AD's don't work for me, but with all the different ones I have taken over the last 20 months, i now think my brain is getting used it, but not making me any better, cos when i come off them, I also feel really bad, even on a slow reduce, but never felt like this before any AD's, just sad with late bereavement, and just wanted counseling, but with the long wait the GP put me on AD's, since thenI have gone further down hill and lost too much weight Many thanks Hilary

Hello Hillarybarnet11, welcome to our community. You have been through a really difficult time struggling to cope with bereavement, relationship difficulties and your medications. The process of bereavement can take a very long time, so be kind and gentle with yourself, this can affect trying to establish new relationships. There are charities such as Cruse Bereavement cruse.org.uk/ who may have local support in your area.

In regards to your medications issues, the benefits of being on them, must be weighed against the cost of side effects, and there is no one size that fits all. Our bodies react differently. Don't suddenly stop taking your anti-depressants or Lorazepam. Go back to you GP or even have a chat with a local, friendly pharmacist for a medication review and discuss the issues.

Also, consider asking via your GP for psychological therapy interventions e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Cog. Analytical Therapy (CAT), alongside your medication. Have you looked at the pinned post in the second box on the right side of your screen. There are some useful links to free guides on MH issues, and crisis helpline links. Also remember if you are in the UK The Samaritans Emergency line is 116 123. The NHS Choices site nhs.uk/conditions/Antidepre... have useful evidence-based information about all sorts of health related questions including medications.

Hopefully you will others who have experienced similar issues here, and that you will find this to be a supportive environment to help you.

Gone 10 times worse, gone within myself, Didn't find CBT helpful, as it was just writing down negative stuff, have had counseling also, now I am beginning to think, AD's have messed with my brain and system.... I am so terrified the way i feel right now.... My son and daughter are so worried about me... I wish some one could help me.... Hilary

I've always felt that different meds & their side effects can be just as confusing to deal with as the condition(s) themselves. The only thing I do know is that things will take time & until they begin to look like levelling out just give anyone here a shout. Their knowledge, experience and advice is so valuable. Take Care.

medication changes really fuck with me too. if youre having more of a problem with OCD/anxiety id suggest you talk to your doctor about Zoloft (sertraline) because it tends to help more with anxiety than prozac (fluxotine) does.

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