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The boyfriend managed to make it over yesterday - brought all the medical bits from his stay in hospital and filled me in on the whole saga - from the receptionist at his local health centre trying to send him home ... the doctor initially misinterpreting the ECG but at least having the nous to check with a more senior colleague ... the bits on the procedure and everything else.

He has really bad problems with his Achilles tendons which make walking difficult so he'd discussed with the nurse before he was discharged the possibility of cycling rather than walking - and by that we mean slo-mo cycling in an area with no slopes and plains and she had agreed with that but had forgotten so went a bit mad when she heard that he had been cycling. He starts at the gym next week - exercises to help the heart recover and regain some strength - goes on 4 10 weeks. He is taking it very carefully.

We had a good laugh over the post operative care booklet and its section on sex - apparently sex is as much effort as going up 2 flights of stairs so if you can go up 2 flights of stairs without getting totally breathless you are okay ... but trying to have sex on top of that would probably be a bit much :)

It was really good to see him and he got a really big hug when he arrived - much bigger and a little longer than he was expecting.

He was offered counselling but said he didn't need it - he's in remarkably good spirits. He says that in the past when he's started to feel down it's like something switches in his brain and he just forgets about it ... may be that is what it is like to be one of those abnormal people that doesn't get depressed.

Enjoyed my day off on Friday - had a bit of a lie in - long run, shower - hair finally had an encounter with a pair of scissors - had been on the cards for about a week - boyfriend was a bit sad about that as it goes a bit short for a while - I just do the fringe and most of the hair gets worn as a plait. It'll grow back! Managed to catch up on UK GAAP (Doesn't mean a lot to me either :)) GAAP = Generally Agreed Accounting Policies - so it's the framework that companies and the like use (or should use) for their annual accounts. Went out to see a friend who's now living in a nursing home after failing health - He also had stent to help with the flow of blood around his heart and got really depressed afterwards so may be the whole thing about counselling is a new one - but I think it is really positive. Not sure that this friend wasn't actually depressed before.

Last night I went swimming - local club and it was my first time on the door taking the money - probably good as it meant I talked to more people ... usually one of the two antisocial ones that just spend the time ploughing up and down the swimming lanes. Didn't manage 40 lengths - which was partly because I was a bit late getting in to the pool but was also feeling tired as I'd already done 2x2.5mile runs. Slept really well though :)

Today has been the MotoGP from Philip Island in Australia. Really strange as 2 of the races were severely modified because of problems with tyres ... one just turned into a farce ... though it has opened the world championship up completely which whereas it looked completely sown up - should make the last 2 races of the season more interesting.

Took my mother over to see my aunt this afternoon - gave my mum some faller apples and took my aunt some of the bunches of grapes - picked from the vine in the garden just before I left - they are pleasantly sweet this year after all the sunshine though I find that you really do have to wait until October/November to get them at their best. Have made wine in the past but generally the birds take most of them - lots of pips and I've got too used to eating pipless grapes these days.

Kittens have been quite naughty today - had to perform life-saving surgery on another loo roll and they had all the paper from the document shredder strewn across the living room floor early.

Now need to go and watch The Paradise ... not quite Home and Away but it will have to do.

Hope you all have a good evening and a good week.

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  • The misdiagnosis is a bit scary! Glad it was picked up on though. Cycling seems very ambitious? Does the gym membership come as a treatment? Here you can get it for free for lots of reasons. Little bit impressed at aiming for forty lengths - I couldnt do four! Have a good week Gambit xx

  • Yes - the gym is part of the treatment. Not sure what happens after the 10 weeks but think he's really most interested in seeing what and how they do things to encourage the heart muscles to get a bit stronger.

    He was a very sporty type in the past - football, marathons, squash ... and walked a lot but in the last couple of years he's just lost the drive a bit because the joints (knees mainly) and achilles tendons just won't work the way they used to.

    The thing about any exercise is really pacing yourself - get the pace right and you really can go on for a long time whatever it is. Think a lot of people try going too fast to start out - competing against themselves rather than working with themselves.

    Cycling is really what you make of it - in a low gear and on the flat then there is almost no effort required. I have a folding bike and the thing that drives me nuts about it is how low the gear ratios are because I'm one of those people that likes to feel my muscles working when I cycle ... but it was really good when I was recovering from the broken ankle and didn't have much oomph.

  • Hi Gambit.

    That's great that your.boyfriend came over, ah it must have been nice to

    Hear all his news and stuff. He is lucky he doesn't get down about stuff,

    As I believe any heart complaint can cause depression.

    You had a busy weekend, I sure admire your energy, it's great to do all that

    As you sleep like a log after it.

    Ah those kittens, aren't they a scream. My cat loves to sit in the washhandbasin

    In the bathroom. She did that as a kitten and still does it now as a big girl.

    Talk about clean living.

    Have a good week and take care.


  • Hi Gambit

    It's lovely to hear that your boyfriend managed to come over and with such a positive attitude after what sounds like a horrendous ordeal he has been through! You also put me to shame with how much energy you put into things. Just reading your post has tired me out :)

    So glad things are looking up for you though.

    Hope you have a great day today.

    Tracy x

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