What's the strangest thing your cat has ever eaten?

What's the strangest thing your cat has ever eaten?

Okay so you can tell me about dogs and guinea pigs, stick insects and newts as well if you want.

This is Hades about a week ago having stolen a mouthful off salad whilst my back was turned - and I know he's only looking at it in the photo but he did actually eat it.

He also likes porridge, though that could be to do with the fact that I put some cream in it ... though I did have another cat who really liked starchy foods - porridge, pastry (making mince-pies was a nightmare :) and his favourite was corn on the cob - and no that wasn't because it was covered in loads of butter because he would pester for the husks even when they were totally butter free.

Had another cat who liked curry

Most I've had like marmite - probably down to the salt.

Melon is another one that seems quite common.

Had one that liked Avocado - expensive tastes :)

Also had one who liked jam doughnuts and mars bars.

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  • Broccoli. My cat loves broccoli. And peppers from inside fajitas. None of the rest of it, just the peppers. Well, sometimes the wrap. She also likes foam sweeties. Just to lick, she never seems to chew them. Vegetable soup is another one.

    My dad's cats used to eat anything but tinned grapefruit.

  • One of my past cats hated the zest of orange - my father used to have an orange every evening and the moment he started cutting into it she would vacate the room - didn't like the smell of peppermint either.

  • Hi Gambit

    That is a dinky photo. They are so individual cats.

    Luna my cat loves Cheese and natural yogurt if it's organic. She also

    Loves flowers especially Tulips in fact any flowers.

    My Burmese loved Crisps , bits of apples, toast with marmalade .

    Plus the heads of daffodils

    He also loved wool and chewed holes in one of my favourite sweaters.

    I thinks it's a Burmese thing the wool chewing.

    Gambit have a great weekend and keep an eye on Hades.

    Hannah xx

  • One of my cats liked cheese but his preference was for red leicester ... that was the one that died a few months ago.

    Apparently the dye they use in Red Leicester comes from some plant in South America.

    I had one cat when I was living with my parents who went through a pair of my brother's socks - so wasn't the most popular of cats for a while!

  • Had to do minor surgery on another loo-roll this morning. Think they may have mis-understood the 3rd of the ten commandments and think it reads something like - remember the Sabbath and make sure the loo-roll is holey.

  • The current family cat Layla will eat nothing but cat biscuits. We've tried everything we can think of, chicken, salmon, pork, beef, tuna, every type of cat food going, she turns her nose up at the lot. Cat biscuits or nothing.

    Our kitten Wellington had a fondness for Pepsi. He'd be up on the table lapping at it if you left a glass there. He was also another cheese fiend.

  • Must say Pepsi is something I wouldn't have expected - better than a coke habit I guess :)

    In his younger days - Até - the cat who died in July - was very much a dry food cat - preferred biscuits to wet food - but think he always liked cheese - on the whole it's good that the cat is really into biscuits - much better for the teeth.

  • My cat is pretty ordinary in terms of what she eats, but I have to share her obsession with bringing me gifts. I regularly get mice, birds and frogs brought to me - some dead, some alive. She either delivers them to the doorstep or if I'm really lucky, she'll bring them in and pop them on the carpet for me. Lately she's upped her game and has started bringing me snakes. Except they're not snakes, they're pieces of rubber window and door seal that she steals from people's houses! I couldn't understand why she was bringing them at first, then one day, as she dropped one, it wiggled and she got really excited and started attacking it! We don't have the heart to tell her they're not real snakes, so we congratulate her on her brilliant finds!

  • My first cat would bring in offerings - one morning we went into the front room and Perry had laid 3 mice out neatly in front of the TV! I would also get juicy rats under the bed for my birthday.

    Another cat really loved playing with toffee papers and would proudly bring home toffee crisp wrappers.

    In the last week the kittens started bringing in worms ... and this morning Sephie brought in a dead plant ... preferable to killing the loo-roll :)

  • My vet said that it's a huge compliment if your cat brings you animals. Apparently not only is it a gift, but the cat's way of telling you he thinks you might be capable of hunting, too!

  • ah a conversation about cats- must join in lol

    I think the only strange thing mine used to eat was raisins and I live in town so the only presents they can find to bring me are in the summer evenings and my cat comes in making a weird throat noise and plops a moth on the floor for me then meows like normal.... Quite good as she doesn't actually seem to want to kill them or play with them so quickly they get thrown back out the window to carry on their evening.

  • Good that the moths manage to make it back into the wild.

    Went through a phase with some earlier cats where one was bringing in Frogs - didn't eat them but unfortunately they would dry out and die in the carpets before we found them.

    One cat went through a phase of bringing home small gold-fish - we managed to save one of them and gave it to a neighbour of my mother who had an outdoor pond.

    My first cat would go fishing in the bond - huge ornamental goldfish that would end up flopping around on a lawn and then put back in the hope that they would recover. He used to get thrown into the pond as a punishment but I don't think it worked and isn't something I'd try with any of my later cats.

  • tigger our 12 year old tabby loves licking yoghurt lids clean (any flavour), blue top milk (not green or red), pastry, and mouse heads (bodys are left as a gift for me!)

    luigi our 4 year old ginger fluff ball loves eating the hay nuggets ment for our ginea pigs?! and he also licks their salt licks.....he dislikes chicken and ham which I thought any cat would love but gobbles up sausage! lol.

    lovely photo

  • Our cat, bebe loves playing with butterflies, mouths, spiders and daddy longlegs. Problem is she doesn't know what to do with them when they stop moving! My other cat which died earlier in the year liked rice pudding, yoghurt and broccoli!

    Jules x

  • Now that's the second cat to like brocolli - wonder what it is. Can understand the rice pudding and yoghurt because of the milk element - and also the starch in the rice.

    Does Bebe ever go after bumble bees - have had cats in the past that have chased bumble bees around.

  • She chases anything that moves really!

    Jules x

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