Will I ever cope

I have suffered with mental health for years but now it's so bad I just can not cope I'm constantly feeling sick can not cope with any problems or anything life throws at me I've been put on different meds nothing works I feel like a child I could never work with this I can only just get by day to day I'm lucky I have a good family but they don't understand what it's like I have not energy nothing makes me happy if I'm not crying I'm being sick is anyone else like me

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  • I feel like this I couldn't work as I feel different from day to day it's awful every little thing scares me I hope you feel better soon x. I try and make myself feel brave

  • Have you not worked for a long time like me and do. You ever have times when you can cope I can cope a little when I have a drink but I no it's not best to do that

  • Has anything happened that might have contributed to you suddenly feeling so bad, or is this a gradual thing? X

  • Have you tried other things besides Meds? It may be worth talking to your doctor about other options.

    Sometimes exercise can help - I think that may be because something goes wrong with the link between motivation and action when you are depressed so you need to act before you feel motivated.

    Meditation - which is about being more aware of the distinction between yourself and your thoughts - can also be helpful.

    I've had depressed episodes for years and have had periods when I couldn't work or cope with anything but I always seem to have managed to get back to working and doing things. I try as far as possible to keep some things going as routine - so I just do them rather than doing them because I feel like it. I also have supportive friends - they don't understand and I wouldn't want them too because to understand I think you have to have experienced and I wouldn't wish that on anyone - but they are there and they do support me. I also try to be honest with people and myself about when I'm not coping - though I guess I have been lucky to have generally worked for organisations that are quite caring.

  • I've been like this for years I've tried everything going nothing works I'm just full of worry constantly its like a fear anything in the future I'm not in fear of people I could stand up for my self it's anything that makes me step out my box thank you to everyone for replying it does help to no someone understands xx

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