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Biopsy today :(

So I had to have a biopsy today and they said "no strenous exercise" for 2 weeks. So i said ill be fine running wont i? and she said no :( but power walking is okay.

I cant let it get in the way now, i dont want to go back a step...in 2 weeks ill be on week 8! ive worked so hard to get this far.

Surely a light jog isnt strenous? I dont even sweat that much!

Anyone else gone through something like this?

I went for a power walk before and was so tempted to run!!! but im going the gym tomorrow. I will run but take it easy...a very light jog and leave it at that.

I nearly cried when she said that...as if a biopsy isnt bad enough but cant carry on doing something ive been working on, that i get such a great feeling of achevement from!

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Hi Zoe that's a really pity. But calm down and don't give up because you

Have done so well. Take the advice and I am sure power walking is great

Too for fitness. They are just thinking of you . It might even help you do

Better as it's cardio too. Don't let it get you down now, you are a strong

Warrior remember.

Take care of yourself

Hug for you



I should think power walking would be almost as good as running.... get those arms pumping.You have done really well so far, so I can understand you want to keep it up

Just look on it as a wee delay rather than total defeat and carry on exercising. Wish I could run but I do walk every day. All the best. Julie xx


Stick with the power walking for a while.

I've known several people who couldn't run for medical reasons but enjoyed power walking ... I suspect some of them could probably power walk faster than I can run! :)

No jogging may not be about breaking into a sweat or anything - it could be about the stress on joints or your back that comes with the impact and it may be that that is the problem - you mentioned that you had some twinges in your knee at some point.

There is an art and a discipline to power-walking - take mastering that as your next challenge

And let me know how you get on


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