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Very low - said goodbye to one of my little animals yesterday

Many would say 'only a rat!' They have such short life-spans. Unfortunately Milky Way went downhill very quickly with complications which made him look as if he had been neglected. I know he hadn't, the vet knows he hadn't, but I feel dreadful about it.

This didn't post properly. That keeps happening.

I have another one who is very ill - and she's one of my favourites.

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Im so sorry to hear that. Hug. It is always painful when a pet passes away


You have nothing to feel dreadful about. I'm so sorry to hear about Milky Way :( xx


Sorry to hear this. Losing a pet is heartbreaking.

Sending you a hug



Mars Bar left me suddenly last night. Diamond is still with me.


Hi Miss Rat I m sorry about your pet. As a cat owner who has said goodbye

To a Few cats in my lifetime. It is very sad and you will shed tears. Think

Of the good owner you have been and I am sure they got the best care and

Love from you. You will have your memories. So try to remember these

Things too. I think it's very normaL to be so sad. Pets are amazing and we have a special bond with them.

Take care of you and light a little candle for poor little Mars Bar. What a cute name

Hug to you



I'm sorry to hear you have lost one of your animals - they may be 'only rats' but to you they were also your friends and perhaps your children too so the loss will be enormous. Don't blame yourself for how he looked - you know you loved him. Suexx


Oh i am so sorry to hear of your loss, i know these words wont help but i really do feel for you :(

My boy (cat) is 18 and he looks thin and old but hes not neglected, he has been loved so much but i understand what your saying. I know the kind of love you feel, so as long as you know youve done all you can then thats all that matters. Its hard to see our loved ones in a less than a healthy way, it breaks my heart seeing my boy unable to climb things but i know hes still happy so thats what gets me through.

Big hugs xxx

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sorry to hear about your loss pets are part of the family take heart that you did your best for little milky way he's probably running around rainbow bridge now where all lovable pets go


I lost my precious cat 8 years ago and I think of him everyday.. don't be so hard on yourself , animals are wonderful companions , they love us unconditionally as we do them .. I feel for your loss xx


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