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sinking again

Hello again

I know I haven't posted very often as I thought I was feeling much better but I can feel myself sinking again. The lovely man I was beginning a relationship with has backed right defense to him, he is suffering from severe depression and stress himself and really needs to focus on him. I'm upset because I really care for him and want to be there for him but understand his need to be alone. I'm also feeling low as it's my birthday on Friday and I'm faced with waking up alone on the day for the 10th year on the run. I'm so lonely and really feel like there must be something wrong with me....I so want to feel that someone wants to share their life with me, that I'm important to someone apart from my children.

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I'm sorry things are so hard, and hope that your friend will soon come through his depression and be able to cope with relationships. I'm thinking of you in the meantime.

It is so hard being alone on special occasions. This is how I feel about Christmas this year/

Do take care



Hi Medgirl,

Sorry to hear things aren't really working out like you hoped they would with this man, but maybe you're

looking too hard?

Sometimes when you're not even looking for a relationship or a man, that's when you meet that special person..

When you least expect it..

Remember, what's for you, won't go by you!

And as for your birthday, why don't you do something nice with the kids? Have a wee party, or go somewhere or

do something special, just the three of you?

I hope you have a nice day, I'll be thinking of you, and who knows, you might meet the man of your dreams

if you go somewhere nice with the kids ;)

Love, Holly Xx

PS I'm saying 3, but I don't even know how many kids you've got!


Hi Medgirl sorry your feeling lonely but if your friend is v. Depressed and

You are not 100% either it might not be the healthiest relationship for either of you

Don't feel you need to be in a relationship to be happy because if men sense

That you are too needy they will back off. Try and build up your own self esteem

And do things for you. Then you can be happy and you will have a better chance

Of meeting someone. It's also better to. Be alone than stuck with the wrong


Try and. Concentrate more on your own needs and do little things you enjoy '

Maybe join some club or activity. When your happy yourself you have

A better chance of meeting someone



Hi medgirl,

Sorry to hear things aren't so good for you. It's just the ups and downs of life, try not to let it drag you down too much.

Listen to Hannah, she is wise :) you met the guy you were seeing, so who's to say you won't meet someone else. And not being in a relationship doesn't mean nobody thinks you're important. You're on this community, so you're important as far as I'm concerned.

Treat yourself on Friday. It's your birthday, make a fuss of yourself, go and do something you like but wouldn't do very often.


Thank you Will ( did I get name right) for saying I am wise. I guess

Some maturity comes with age and life experience and I don't

Think it's healthy to feel you are not complete as an individual unless

We are in a relationship. I have learned that first we have to have

A relationship with ourself first and then we are more likely

To be the person someone wants to be with.

Hope your doing ok, ah the post on Memory Lane was

Lovely, I love music and I find going out with stuff on iPod really

Lifts and energises me. I played the violin and was in an orchestra

For a while. But once the love of music is there it's a great interest.

Some people amazingly have no interest in Music, boy are you handsome.

You have a lot of pluses intelligence , empathy, looks and maturity. Now

Don't get a big head. Take care and be good to yourself too.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY , be good to yourself today,my approach is to treat it as a birthday month, so happy september + october to you


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