And its all over....almost

Well there its...8 months later, some 40,000 words written, 2 presentations, god knows how many journal articles read, 2 stone in weight lost, moved 200 miles away from home...then back and finally I've handed in my last assignment on friday ...just dissertation left now!

Thought Id be happy but now my days are filled with, well nothing. Applying and looking for jobs left right and centre. I hate watching telly.

the days are just so long, theres nothing much to fill it with, evenings are worst.

I feel like my depression is going to sneak back into my life, im still on my meds but suppose to be coming off them next month.

still have loads of tension in my jaw and trouble sleeping. I never thought Id miss doing work!!

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  • First of all Well Done!! You should be proud of what you have achieved.

    I did my degree about 8 years ago as a mature sudent and it's tough going. I can remember having to do assignments in the evening after work, the time it felt such a drudge especially in the Summer when people were going out in the sunshine and I was slumped over the damn computer!!! I kept imagining the feeling I would have when the whole caboodle had finished and holding it there and that's what spurred me on to the end.

    However, when it was all finished I felt exactly like you, there was a hole where my assignments should have been! Having spoken to my friends from Uni tey all felt the same so what you are feeling is normal.

    You are doing positive things like applying for jobs so that's good. The dissertation is going to be hard work so perhaps whilst you have "lull" you could catch up on any hobbies that have been put on the back burner? Go for a swim? Alternatively you might want to think about any volunteering opportunities (looks good on your CV too). With any luck your sleeping pattern will sort itself out as having too little to do is as bad as too much in terms of anxiety/tension.

    Hope this helps x

  • Hi Lush, Well done! That's such an excellent achievement.

    Yep I've been there too. Very strange isn't it, you feel like you just can't wait for the pressure of assignment deadlines to end and all you can think about is all the lovely things you want to do instead of work work work. But then they end, and there's this huge hole.

    I agree with everything you say Lois - hobbies, volunteer work, exercise - all good stuff. So haven't really got anything additional to suggest. Just wanted to say well done and ....

    Loving your new piccie of Tosca. :)

    Enjoy the sun.

    Sue xx

  • I echo what has been said above! Don't put too much pressure on yourself, obviously finding a job is important, but you should enjoy the sunshine an have a chance to relax. Once you get a job you have to make the most of any holiday time!!

    Uni is stressful and I think those that haven't been don't really appreciate how hard it can be. You moved away (most people who don't go to Uni end up living with their parents for longer and don't move out of the area) so that is the first biggest challenge. And actually I found that having too much study time by yourself was hard going because that alone can be hard going.

    Hang in there, everything will be fine, I'm sure of it :-)

  • Hi Lois,

    That is a great achievement, well done. Its a long time since I did my Masters, and I can remember the anticlimax feeling. You keep thinking you will do this when you finish and you will go here and there. I really believe that after University exams you need a period of total relaxation, to kind of decompress. Relax this week and enjoy the sun, swim, sunbathe, read a book for pleasure. Keep away from job applications, because you need to get a perspective, and its only by being away from your studies you will get this. This will refresh you, and then you will feel energetic and ready for the next phase. But you really need to cut yourself some slack here.

    Maybe a few day trips would help, anticipation is often better than the event, maybe start planning a weeks holiday for the Autumn, Eat well and sleep lots, and you will bounce back, and you should be so proud of yourself too.

    Hannah xx

  • Hi Lois

    I'm sorry - I left a long answer to this blog but it didn't go through properly! Well don, you've done well to complete the Masters.

    I agree about anti-climax feelings - they're almost inevitable.

    What would you like to do with the time if you could do anything you want? If you are unsure then maybe you can have a chat with someone or write on here about the kinds of possibilities so we can have a conversation about it and support you with your next move?

    Take care,


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