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I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to you all,I have only recently discovered this forum and it seems to be a wonderful place to be,I have Cyclotharmia(a type 2 Bi Polar) Stephen Fry also has it,felt good when I read his book and had an affinity with someone! I had fluctuating mood swings since I was 12 my lows were the worst part of it I loved the highs but soon got to know and understand what was coming next a great big slump into the blackest depressions I thought I was mad,I am 39 now and quite stable due to medication,I will never dare stop taking my meds as the depression is just too debilitating,I still get downy days but nothing like before when I have been hospitalized for it.Anyway I look forward to getting to know peeps on here,so a big hellooooooooooooo from me! D x

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Glad that you are on an even keel.

I don't have bi-polar and have always been grateful, mainly because I don't think I'd want to go through the highs and losing touch with reality ... took citalopram for 2 days in the past and stopped because it gave me very vivid dreams - all quite pleasant but I really couldn't cope with the blur between reality and fantasy.

We are funny creatures.

May be I'm just a depression hippo and like wallowing in the dark stuff :)


Hello Delia

I am quite new to the site as well. I recommend it to you because the people on it understand about depression and can really emphasise and offer some good advice. My son (age 33) has schizophrenia and I was feeling very depressed and anxious trying to support and help him. He doesn't live with us (his life is too chaotic and would disrupt our whole household). I was trying to understand what he was saying to me, but one of the people on this site advised me that people with schizophrenia don't always make sense and make up their own words sometimes. This really calmed me down - more so than speaking to his social worker or going to the Carers Association.


Hi della 74,

welcome to the forum. It is great to hear that you are doing so well and coping with bipolar 2. I hope many people will benefit from your experience and help. Tc


Hi and welcome to the forum, it's really lovely to meet you. I think bi-polar is such an interesting condition. I'll look forward to hearing more about it through your blogs x


Welcome to this very supportive site which has helped me in so many ways. I am sure you will benefit from belonging and others will also benefit from your advice on bi-polar. Enjoy being part of this site with it's exceptional people. xx


Hi, I hope you find the site as useful as I do, we're a friendly bunch so feel free to write whenever you think it will help. Suex


Hello I'm Crissie and this is the first time I have been on this site. Just wanted to say hello to you all and hope this forum will help to make me feel like somebody cares. I am very much alone with my problems, I have clinical depression and under a Psychiatrist have had it for many years and on a high dose of medication. I have had suicidal thoughts again just lately, it seems to be worse when people upset me, I care about people and feel for them when they are having problems but feel people are not sincere in what they say, not even looking at you when you speak. Must mention I have physical health problems too. I'm sorry to go on like this on my first visit but seemed meant to be, as I am hurting from things a friend has said to me this morning. When I came on my lap top there was an email from the site. Anyway hope all you nice people have a lovely weekend and take care of yourselves. Chrissie xx


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