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Still can't pick myself up yet

Haven't been around much the past week or so. Trying to get on with things but struggling still. Ive got my 2ns appointment today with psychology. Tried some of the breathing exercises he gave me last week and the relaxation cds. They are good for getting me off to sleep but I don't stay asleep for long.

I just feel so unhappy and at a dead end. Im pretending im ok but deep down im not. I just feel like theres no point any more. I have serious issues from my past needing addressed and until my questions are answered about that im not sure I can move on with my life. Its almost as if I need closure. Does any of this make sense? Hardly got any sleep last night and feel terrible :( xx

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Hi Soozy

I'm sorry you are feeling so awful. Yes what you are feeling does make sense, you say yourself that it's almost as if you need closure - are you able to talk with the psychologist about that? I hope your second appointment goes well. It sounds as though you are being given practical help but perhaps need someone to be able to talk with in-depth as you say you have serious issues that need addressing - if that's right do ask the psychologist about that possibility. If he can't help then you might ask your GP to refer you to a specialist psychotherapy service, many regions have one. Do ask.

Being short of sleep is awful, do whatever you can to help sleep so long as it doesn't harm you. I wonder whether it will help you to write your life story, not on here but just type it all and keep going back over it adding bits as they come to mind - doing that is painful when there are difficult things to feel about, but often getting experiences onto paper allows the mind to rest more.

I hope you feel a bit better soon, have a big hug from me,



So sorry you are struggling.

It does make a lot of sense, and it sounds like things are very tough. We are here to listen, Amanda


Thanks for the replies. Have been reading the page but didn't have a motivation to reply. Been trying to pick myself up and I just feel dreadful.

Im struggling financially at the moment. My wages don't cover my bills. Ive been awake all night panicking about how im going to survive the next month. So that's not helping my mood at all.

Im just rambling im sorry. My head is just full of mince just now xx


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