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hi frenz!

i joined this community just now when i was going through some readings about letting know if we are lost in depression. checking out the system described i feel i am in depression. I tried to put each bit of my effort, finding aganist my feeling since many years but looks like i am failed totally, I forgot how to smile, I always in some thinking mode.

Its affecting me a lot and i really dont know where it is going to take me.

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  • I am sorry to hear that you feel depressed. I too feel it but here is what I am doing since some weeks,

    I have joined a gym so I go there almost every other day and do some exercise. I give time to my kittens and I play with them a bit,

    I love to take photos of nature so if I have motivation, I took pics from my window of clouds (I love to see sky). so every day I make a list of things which I love or will love to do and every day I complete at least one task. since I am doing this, I am feeling not so depressed.

  • Hi, I'm suffering depression too, really bad right now. Are you going to therapy at all?

  • Hi Priya and welcome to the community. I know you'll meet lots of lovely people here and there's always someone to chat to. It's really hard when things have built up for a number of years, especially if you've never sought any help or support. Are you able to make an appointment with your doctor to talk things through? Lucy

  • I can totally relate to that ''thinking mode' you describe.

    It is like tyres tracks in the mud getting deeper and deeper with every day that the same thoughts get repeated, till it gets to a point where the tracks in the mud are too deep to get the wheels out, and the thoughts just can't be escaped from.

    I am setting myself a challenge now, Trying to turn back those first thoughts when they are still small, before they lead into a deep rut. Yes I know. Easier said than done.....

    You write that you have forgotten how to smile, sounds like you understand it is time to get some help if you don't have the energy now to fight against the direction that your thoughts are leading down.

  • same here dear...i don't think this site will help you in any way...

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