Handing in my notice

So I know this decision wont have been fully supported however i have finally handed in my notice.

From day 1 of starting this job i have not had a "good" day, and even my mum can see it has made me beyond unhappy, so much so she encouraged me to leave.

I need a job, theres no doubt about that. However my parents are willing to support me until i find a paid one (nothing out there at the moment). However i am going to apply to be a volunteer at a charity shop inbetween now and finding a paid job as i do not wish to be stuck at home all day as i believe i'll only get worse!

It feels good finally letting go after trying to force myself to enjoy office work, now ive just got the long 4 weeks notice period to get through!

Only concern left now is i'm unsure of how to tell my collegues (we're all in a box room, you can hear every breath) and what to say as i hate the attention on me, i'm scared they'll be upset with me and i just don't want questioning

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  • Well done,MaisieMay, despite my previous replies ,almost certainly a good decision.

    With the courage you've shown I don't expect telling your colleagues will be a major problem to you altho I can understand its not a welcome one. Just do it and tell them the truth as near as you can without if possble hurting anyone's feelings.

    If one or two of the breaths you can hear stop for good just think that you saved them a lifetime of misery.


  • Thank you Olderal!

    Courage?? i burst into tears handing in my notice where i was so overwhelmed!😂 I'm just really worried that they will judge me, you know what offices are like, they love a gossip. As soon as anyone leaves the room they talk about them and i just know thats going to happen with me

  • Now you need to plan your future

  • I already have, applying for charity shops until i find a paid retail job! Thats as far as i need to plan right now

  • You need to have a log term dream plan, then you can work on it to make it come true.

    You don't want to be caught up in short term things or you wont achieve much

  • No i'm not thinking about that. Ive spent my entire life panicking about my future, my mums said i'm not to know what i will enjoy career wise so to just focus on here and now. I'll begin to think about my career once i sort myself out first, i'm 17, i can spend a year in retail to build my confidence then i can worry about any long term plans

  • Hi you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want too. If anyone finds out just say it is for personal reasons. Why would anyone be upset with you? If anyone is then that is their problem not yours. Just play it cool.

  • Thank you! Youre right, it's their problem

  • Yes it sure is. I have found one of the hardest things to learn in life is to distinguish between your own issues and other people's. Once you do though life is so much simpler! It comes with age and experience :)

  • Thats exactly my problem! I'm always worrying about the troubles it will cause other people, one of the main reasons for me not wanting to quit was because they would have to rerecruit! I'm trying to put myself first for a change

  • Hi you don't know things will cause problems for other people as none of us are mind readers! Your prime responsibility, as everyone's, is to take care of your own feelings as nobody else will. It sounds selfish but it's not really coz if you are happier then those who love you are too.

    Your emotions and feelings are very important and you should always be guided by them.

    Words of wisdom from an old f...t :)

  • Thank you lilaclil!

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