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small painful penis

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Hi all, about five yrs ago had accident in the bedroom penis squashed between our pelvic bones (wife on top). now have ED penis bent and much smaller. no desire for sex when i do get small partial erection it's painful so have to handle delicately and reaching a climax is very very infrequent. if I'm not able to reach climax I have aching pain in left testicle. too embarrassed to go to GP. does anyone know if this will eventually affect the ability to urinate? I can feel scar tissue alone penile shaft. any advice?

8 Replies
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I feel for you both. It’s ironic that having sex has now ruined your love life. You should not have to suffer like this. I know you are embarrassed about seeing your doctor concerning this. But the problem is not going to go away on its own. It’s had 5 years of not getting back to normal. Try to summon up the courage to talk to your doctor. You definitely need / deserve help.

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Lewis005 in reply to xsevenx

thanks xsevenx, I will take your advice on board. Thank you

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Brig57 in reply to Lewis005

try finding a specialist..easy to say but there are surgeons and medical people who take any part of the body with serious integrty - lack the words but think u get what i mean...society and some people can be very unkind etc but true doctors know how it affects a person in all the obvoius ways we dont need to detail...we both get it....As a side note.....i have found getting into other areas such as planting flowers, hort, drawing and painting a useful allows the emoional initmacy in the drawing and painting (can b sharee project) that comes with true emotional intimacy with a spouse....and one can get as deep or not with any area, it empowers us as its our p;roject, we get beauty which isnt rejecting and allows a man to spiri5ually heal....i can paint any woman be it direct (portrait) or indiret (does and fawn) or make painitgs or cards or crea5ion for ur sweetehart......if not that fine..u5 it helps me soo i pasing it along....not meant insulting in any A veterinarian mares are torn up during delivery and stallions can be injured during breeding....its part of nature to us...and we have surgeons who deal wih 5those areas......very very soory this happened but peop;le are injuried in car crashes et...and that what mature medical peop;le are the5r for.......nothing to have immature people think anyless than genuine sympat5hy....take care...again....i hope and pray that i have in no way...insulted or been insestive to an injury.....

a medial injury that sure has emotional impacts but an a body part.....notingless....


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Lewis005 in reply to Brig57

Thank you Brig57, no offence taken actually I found it quite helpful.

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Very good and sound advice by xsevenx. Doctors really do want to help us, and to them one part of the body is no different from another, so try to put your embarrassment on hold and make that appointment, You and your wife will be glad you did.

Good luck!!

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Brig57 in reply to SetteeSofa

better said ...thank u soo much.......

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SetteeSofa in reply to Brig57

Thank you, Brig57. Much appreciated. But we all bring our own very personal experiences of life with us, all of which are both valuable and valued.

Kindest regards as always,

SetteeSofa :) :) :)

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Get to the doc. He has seen it all. Don't suffer anymore.

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