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My Accent?

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This is not a medical emergency or even a concern of any sorts but more that i’m trying to see if there is a scientific reasoning behind my accent. If there is more important questions to answer than this please skip mine. I was born and raised in Glasglow until the age of two & a bit, when we moved down to London - which is where I have lived since. Strangely I have a purely Scottish accent with not even a remote bit of English (except for the slang I use). To make things even weirder, my sister who is older than me by a year, sounds completely English. Both my parents also are from England with English accents. Someone help, I am very baffled.

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Nothing wrong with a Glasgow accent. Didn’t hold back Billy Connolly.

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I do not think that this is a health problem. Some people seem to retain accents while others lose them quickly. Even when lost they can come back when talking to people with your old accent.

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