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Been a while

Been a while since last been on how is everyone

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New on this forum, your post showed in my feed. I was on the anxiety/depression forum first. Where in UK is Sunderland? South coast? There were either seaplanes or a manufacturer by that name.

I’m having a kind of ragged day, reminding myself that though life is hard, there is also a lot of good to experience and do.

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BexyBoy in reply to propjock

Sunderland is in the North East near Scotland. I think these days Nissan cars are assembled there. I hope your mental health is improving. Do you have a question?

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propjock in reply to BexyBoy

No, no question, just introducing myself last week. It was more up than down, thanks.

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propjock in reply to propjock

Hope your biopsy comes back OK. If you make your own post, you might hear from more people, BexyBoy (it looks like you haven’t).

I a ok tar

I'm OK. A bit worried that when I had a Cystoscopy recently some red marks made the urologist decide I need a bladder biopsy. I hope I don't have cancer, but am glad if I do it has been detected early.

All reasonably good here. 👍

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