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Has anyone been through the "TURPS" procedure?

I'm worried about the side effects. Anyone suffer from them? How badly does it affect your life. Was it worth it?

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TURP has been around for a good while now with a well established side effect profile- most of which are not ideal. Have you been offered any of the newer alternatives?

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No alternatives offered but my own GP said that 10% of those treated had side effects of incontinence and impotence. I'm not ready for either of those.

Hi,Please don’t worry, I had my TURP procedure last January 2020 as I had fluid retention. The operation went perfectly there was no pain at all and apart from having a catheter for about 2 weeks after the operation until the tissue healed everything is fine. The TURP has enabled me to pee easier and has cured the fluid retention problem and it has made no difference to my life whatsoever in a detrimental way, so please don’t worry.

Best wishes,


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Thanks for that but I am seriously worried about side effects as the rate currently is 10% (according to my GP).

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Here are the possible side effects: nhs.uk/conditions/transuret... alternative treatments: nhs.uk/conditions/transuret...

I was offered TURP over a year ago and turned it down after reading about possible side effects, The catheter was the real deal breaker. I've been catharized twice and absolutely hated it all 4 times. Two times going in and two times coming out. I elected to just keep getting up to pee at night. I think there is a similar non-invasive process using laser.

Hi, I found only positive advice from my doctors and I didn’t like the alternative of fluid retention with all of its complications. I wish you well and if possible think positive, it really does help if I can help any more just let me know.John

I had a prostate that had grown to 110 grams. It was to big for TURP.My doc did a supra pubic prostatectomy

Been 2 years and no issues at all

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Thanks for that.

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Thanks for that.

I had a TURP on April 21, so am over the op but not gone to follow up yet. So, I was told my prostate was very big 'biggest the theatre nurse had seen in 15 years'.

I was diagnosed 6 years ago and left on tamsulosin. Gradually... I realised that gradually things had gotten worse. I researched what was available. By me there is a hospital with a large urology clinic offering TURP, rezum and urolift, but I was judged to be too big for anything but TURP (had an MRI, and a camera down the pipe)

So far so good, still 'potent' as the surgeon called it. To be frank I took the view that if I wasn't there are other ways to keep my better half happy and I don't mean chocolates and flowers.

The point is if you leave it too late your options diminish. So my advice, get yourself referred asap, it doesn't have to be to the local hospital.

At the moment? I pee like a horse, I'm empty in 6 seconds, not 60, and need to go every 2 hrs not every 1 hour. I'm currently training my muscles to have a bit more retention (currently urgency is still there but am managing it, and it's improving). no incontinence.

All the best, it's not easy.


Thanks for the information. Very useful.

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