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Unable to pull back foreskin completely while erect


I am a healthy 17 year old male. I am an early bloomer and used to masturbate even before I hit puberty too! I usually don't pull back my foreskin while masturbating but years later, I discovered I am unable to do so. Aftera lot of googling I presume that I either have phymosis or a small/tight frenulus. While I am comfortably able to pull back the foreskin while flaccid( Image: imgbox.com/tBF9bw8U ) , it comes only halfway while I am erect ( Image: imgbox.com/E0TGPxmp ) . Please give me the correct way to approach this.

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i think that most guys prefer not to pull the foreskin back when masturbating.

Your two images look very normal. Your frenulum does not appear to be short, so it is likely that your foreskin needs to be widened a bit to make it fully retract.

This is not uncommon in young people.

This is done by manual stretching to cause the foreskin to enlarge by what is called mitosis -- cell splitting to create two cells and more skin.

You can get directions here:









There are some who would want you to be circumcised. Circumcision is a horrible, mutilating, destructive, harmful operation, that takes off the best part of the penis. Recovery is difficult and painful. It should be considered a last resort after conservative treatment fails. One may prefer to remain as one is rather than undergo circumcision.

Polyphasic in reply to Bucky85

Actually I guess circumsion is not even an option for me as my glan is really sensitive. Even using a finger to touch the glan or my underwear's soft fabric touching it and taking it away make me feel uncomfortable. So according to you, I must manually stretch the top of foreskin to promote expansion right? Thank You! I will update later in a week or so.

Bucky85 in reply to Polyphasic

You are quite wise to reject circumcision as an option.

Yes, you can do the stretching without touching your glans penis. And your foreskin will continue to protect it from harm.

Stretching won't help much if your frenulum is too short (frenulum breve). You better let it checked by a doctor.

That’s nonsense. The frenulum responds to tension exactly in the same manner as the frenar band.

It won't help if the frenulum is too short. That's a fact.

Bucky85 in reply to timmyboy20


Where do you find your "facts"?

Here are two frenulum stretches:



Experience shows that they work.

Timmy, you do not know what you're talking about. If human tissue did not respond to tension applied, people would never get as fat as some of them are. Please sit back and learn something from the experts.

Even if it is phimosis it doesn't seem to be a serious case of it. As far as approach, it is hard to say as you did not mention what kind of "discomfort" if any at all you experience. Does it hurt when you try to pull it over around the ring, or does it hurt at the bottom where the frenulum is ? That can indicate whether its a foreskin problem or a frenulum problem.

Best thing to do is visit your urologist and go over your options with him. It might not need circumcision at all and stretching might work, but only your doctor can give you the best options after your are properly examined. You don't have to decide there and then, you can also get a second opinion. No one can force you into anything and its only your decision to make, but it is best to get as much info as possible to make the right one.

Good luck.

PS: Generally try to ignore what Bucky85 states or claims, he is biased beyond belief and hardly any use at all.

jimfromcalif in reply to Cipher

Please desist from criticizing those with knowledge of non-invasive cures.

Thank you! But won't applying oil cause any infection or anything like that. I have a sensitive glan too! Anyway, I will try the stretching exercise!

Coconut oil is beneficial because it helps to prevent yeast infections.

As you see in the second erect picture, I am unable to pull it back without hurting my foreskin. Also, according to then picture is my frenulum placed abnormally high?

At willywellbeing.com you can get detailed explanation of simple exercises which will permanently cure the tightness. You’re already more than half-way to the goal.

i had severe phimosis to the point where I couldn't pull back when flaccid. Im 100% against circumcision so I started using flesh tunnels that cost like £/$2-3 each and 3 ish months in and im nearly able to pull back all the way when erect (I probably could but im scared of paraphimosis) I don't use any cream, all it is is commitment. I'm 19 so it's not even about it not being mature or whatever, anyone can do it

I am 15 years old and was slightly worried that my foreskin doesn't retract at all but have found this very helpful. I will do the stretches and hope that this works. thanks guys

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