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Ive been circumcised for 12 weeks

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Hi ive been circumcised for 12 weeks and i dont know why my penis is like this? Is it normal? And WHAT SHOULD I POSSIBLY DO TO HEAL IT FASTER?

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Your penis looks absolutely fine.

Is there something you’re unsure of?

Yup, looks normal. Is there a particular concern you had about it? - Jeremy, Medibation.com

If you’re judging your look on other men’s penis on here you’ll notice all are different.

I personally think yours is one of the best post ops I’ve seen. Well done on the recovery

Looks like it healed perfectly. I was all healed up by 12 weeks. I'm 5 months post now.

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Looks good though 👍

Absolutely fine

It's probably keratinisation - the skin changes to become tougher due to the exposure. It won't change back. You should have been warned about it.

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