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Hi guys so lately I've been having night terrors at 37, my partners says I'm litterally flipping round the bed making hurrendous noise and shouting etc. It. Doesn't end there now when awake I'm hallucinating seeing spider swarms coming out the wall, radiators etc plus dark figures xomin up through the floor and hands coming out of tv Also seeing people I know alive or dead in the room aswel as what i can only describe as monstrous creatures . On top of that hearing all kinds of sounds from music, ringing, alarms and people talking? This honestly not a joke 110% truth and very very worried and freaked out

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In your other post you were advised to see a doctor. Have you arranged that yet? We are not doctors here and you need to have your issues diagnosed. They could be caused by a neurological problem like early onset Parkinson’s Disease or may be part of a mental health condition such as schizophrenia. I have REM-Sleep behaviour Disorder ( the thrashing and shouting while asleep) as part of my Parkinson’s Disease but no waking hallucinations.

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Thanks and yet I'm going to make the call 1st thing Monday I've been trying to read up on alot of things, Thanks

I understand you, I also often have nightmares and sometimes I even scream in my sleep. I started looking for ways to deal with it on the internet. I read that you need to have regular sleep, don`t drink a lot of water before bed, you need to eat something sweet to increase blood sugar. This is often caused by stress during the day. I started taking antidepressants. After all these ways, I really started to sleep better. But if you still have it, be sure to see a doctor

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