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Testicular Pain Since Vasectomy

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I love in the USA - I had a vasectomy a couple years ago. I was in immense paint throughout the whole procedure. I could feel them burn me (make incision) and it was awful.

I have had to take antibiotics 2 times for swollen tube... can’t recall what they called it. I am sitting on a couch now - laid up for the fourth or goth time. It’s absolute BS

I feel like the invisible man is squeezing my testicles. There’s nothing I can do about. I have had no help from MD’s because of Corona and I am sick of dealing with pain.

I read this article when I realized this all started after the Vasectomy.

I am going to call my doctor and find out what my options are.

Thanks medical journal for helping me find others who deal with this issue.

Samuel. L.Massachusetts

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Sadly, testicular pain can happen after vasectomy. You should have been warned of that possibility by the surgeon.


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SamuelLMa in reply to Hidden

I never had testicular issues before the procedure. On 3 separate occasions I’ve had pain so debilitating I went to the ER. I have needed antibiotics on 2 occasions.It was not explained at all. I wouldn’t have done it had I known it was so painful.

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So sorry about your situation. I hope you find a sympathetic and helpful doctor to help with your pain issues.

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