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I’m 19 and have never had sex because I have phimosis, I don’t know what to do, I don’t really want to go to the doctors is there anything else I can do

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No. You need to see a doctor.

Yes, as has been said, you need to go to a Dr. If you're in America this may be difficult if you have no insurance, but if you're in the UK or most places in Europe there will not be a problem. You're over 18 so it will be just between you and the Dr.

On the embarrassment front believe me it's nothing, you'll be poked and prodded over most of your life and the medics have seen it all. Better that than the worry you are currently going through.

Best of luck

Thank you 😊

Look at the 15 Square site 15square.org.uk This is a charity giving help to men with phimosis

Having phimosis is no reason not to have sex. Using a condom can help as will using lube, this may reduce the chance of your foreskin pulling back whilst having sex.

I could not pull back properly until well into my twenties, generally it was not a problem.

On one occasion it pulled back unexpectedly which was painful, but I was able to pull it back up with care.

If you are in pain or really worried go see your Doc', don't worry they have seen it all before.

Check out these two sites ... They have solutions short of radical skin cutting:



Start with streating with 1 finger and then 2, etc.

this was me last year, I also happened to be 19, I jumped to conclusions upon figuring out that it would be rather uncomfortable for me to have sex due to my inability to retract my foreskin even in the slightest. By this I mean that I got circumcised, I saw a urologist maybe two weeks after the incident and I had the surgery set for maybe a month after the initial visit. You don't have to do this, but in my opinion its probably the fastest route to solving your problem if you're a very rash person in making decisions just as I am. There are options like half dorsal slit surgery which wouldn't completely remove the circumcision, but in the case that you don't see the results you would have liked, its better to just do the full thing. Or you could just work on slowly trying to retract over the course of maybe a couple months or years or something, but I would definitely see a urologist and see what the best option for you is. Circumcision was such a painful healing process that I don't really recommend it as the best choice.

Having Phimosis shouldn't stop you from having sex, however a sure way to cure the problem would be circumcision.

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