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Sore throat lumps and ulcers help


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Ive been having sore throat on and off since before christmas but currently have it pretty bad and the main pain from an ulcer at the roof of my mouth but i also have these lumps on the side of my throat. They arent painful really but dont look great.

Anybody else had these or ideas what may cause them?

Im using sore throat sprays and things but if no better in the week i will go to the doctor but wondered if anybody else has had this?

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Visit a dr they might prescribe a mouth wash that can clean it and help heal it

I sugget that you rinse your mouth with salt water 3 times a day! And drink cd water will help too.

djv1985 in reply to Yoann

Hi u might be able to help me: basically I have this strange feeling in my throat like when I swallow it’s like something is trapped in my throat not the back of the mouth but sort of in the neck part. Its a ton of discomfort when I swallow anything or even have a drink. Warm drinks sort it out for a few seconds.

I’m freaking out a little. Hoping to get a doctors appointment tomorrow for them to have a gander. My mind instantly goes to cancer (in a lil bit of a over thinker) it came about a few days ago. I was told to use a throat spray called ultra chloraseptic and was told it may be one of the side effects. Getting freaked so any idea.

I will be at the docs hopefully tomorrow.

OsidgeModerator in reply to djv1985

Pleased you are going to the docs. We cannot give medical diagnoses etc on this forum. It is for support only.

CIRCMALEUK in reply to Yoann

Thank you. Have been doing salt water rinses and also mouth wash but no change yet day four

Canker sores generally result from ingesting acidic foods and chocolate. Lay off chocolate, tomatoes, lemons, oranges, vinegar and anything with high acid. You might find pain relief by swabbing with peroxidd.


Please consult a doctor or dentist.

It could be the herpes virus erupting...

There could be a wide variey of causes . Bacterial tonsillitis , viral infections like HSV, syphilis . As Osidge stated, you need to see a healthcare practitioner. I think a doctor rather than dentist would be preferable. If a GP or a dentist , remember they may not always consider a sexual health perspective - so if some new sexual risk, consider a sexual health clinic visit.

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