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Super uncomfortable under foreskin and pain near corona (bottom of penis head)

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26. been masturbating since.. I think, age of 5, not even knowing what am doing. Have always done it against pants. First I tried to retract foreskin when I was 18. It was almost that time I understood my penis head gives so much pain on touch. Still did not pay much attention, and continued with foreskin. For last one and half years, I have been experiencing more trouble when I stumbled upon on internet I should retract easiliy.. During masturbation, if I retract foreskin, almost at once I lose the most of erection- with a pain and discomfort. The penis head is sticky, burns on touch, and if I keep it out someimes (recently 5/6 days) it decreases a bit but never go away. Should I keep retracting or go doctor ?

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Coconut oil really reduces the pain to a great extent. BTW, a stupid question, Does the retracted foreskin slide back automatically ?

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Can I just say that the foreskin should go back but it can occasionally remain retracted. If this happens, do not worry, it can usually be pulled back into it's correct position with gentle persuasion.

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