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Tooth pain that comes and goes

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I've got pain (mild but annoying) pain in my front teeth, both top and bottom and it comes and goes all day long. When I have the pain, if I run my tongue along the inner side of my teeth they feel rough, when I don't have the pain they feel smooth.

Roughness can be caused by enamel decay, and presumably that would cause pain, but how on earth could it come and go?

Could there be something in my diet which is causing it? Could it be caused by sinus problems (I had to have a sinuplasty and septoplasty last year)? But, if so, what could be the explanation for the apparent rough feeling?

I've seen a dentist and a Maxillofacial specialist and they've both indicated that there is nothing physically wrong with my teeth. I've been prescribed nortryptiline in order to determine if it is a nerve related problem, but it does not seem to be helping.

Any one else ever had anything similar?



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This is highly unlikely to be related to sinuses. In any case, antibiotics will only be of use if there is a bacterial infection in the sinuses. Your problem sounds like dental sensitivity which can be caused by diet or hot/cold temperatures on the teeth. The periodontal nerves can also be impacted by grinding teeth or other mechanical issues. Have you tried regular use of a toothpaste for sensitive teeth?

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My reply took into account that the pain was not constant and was given to me by my partner- a dentist. This guy has also been seen by a dentist and a Maxillofacial specialist!!

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