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Is my frenulum missing? (With pics)

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Sorry guys this may seem like a stupid question but I know very little about penises. also I used this emulsifier cream (e45 wash) and it really irritated by penis last night. I thought it would be alright because it was made for sensitive dry skin and had no soap or any bad stuff. My penis felt so sore and it hurt just sitting on the sofa, I had to keep rearranging my pants.

Hate my life so much at the moment I feel like such a pathetic loser. The soreness and redness has gone down mostly overnight, but my foreskin feels much tighter and thicker and keeps rolling down (creating little rolls).

In the past, when my skin was irritated (from using Sanax shower gel and other bad moisturisers) my foreskin would fall down and rub against my jeans and it was very painful!

I guess the coconut oil is my last hope, otherwise I’ll have to become a monk or something.

Wish someone had warned me a few months ago about using bad soaps to clean with, or even masturbate with, and the doctor told me to use dakacort (steroid cream) which really irritated my skin. I used the cream for 2 weeks. My penis has improved a lot since avoiding these irritants because at one stage it hurt to walk, but i need to find something that will moisture my skin WITHOUT irritating it so thank you guys for recommending my coconut oil etc.

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Hey. Sorry to hear your story about using bad body soaps and moisturizers.

Your frenulum is not missing lol. You have one and you’re really lucky because it is healthy and not prominent.

Try using some coconut oil and if that doesn’t work, maybe you should get it seen by a specialist and see what the beer course of action/treatment will be.

Hang in there and good luck

Your penis looks perfectly normal. I suggest cleaning with just plain water. Briefly rinse away smegma and dry it off. Coconut oil would be good to keep everthing healthy.

You do have a frenulum it is just a different kind than other men have. It's more subtle. As for the irritations do not use soap on your penis at anytime- it is a mucus membrane and the same tissue in your anus, urethra and eyelids; it is very sensitive to soap. Using soap on your penis can cause dryness, irritation rashes but also it ruins the symbiotic relationship your body holds with healthy and naturally occurring bacteria that are there to help prevent infection. To clean yourself you only want to have clean hands and running water. First start off by retracting your foreskin and running it under warm water, then gently scrub the surface of your glans(dickhead) and your inner foreskin with your fingers. After your shower dry off completely before replacing your foreskin.

There are several ways to moisturize your penis and I think I may have the solution- vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is in high regard in the skincare industry and for good reason! It not only helps the skin so much that it reduces scars but also moisturizes, but be careful as to not use too much! Good luck buddy, don't be afraid to ask for help when it comes to your gents!

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